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Global climate strike hits campus


With this summer being one of the hottest summers Baltimore has seen in years, there is one thing on a lot of people’s minds: climate change. Climate change has been a hot topic (pun intended), and it does not seem to be improving. In fact, things are only getting worse. 

Many people may have this attitude toward these changes over the past decade; however, many news sources suggest that if you are reading this and happen to be a millennial or part of Generation Z, perhaps you are heeding this warning a bit more proactively. 

Maybe it is a thirst to leave our mark on the world, maybe the hope to make a change, or maybe fear that drives so many young adults to demand action. People growing up today are forced to seriously consider what kind of world they can hope for their children to live in.

 According to Liam Stack, of The New York Times, “The United States’ birth rate fell for a fourth consecutive year in 2018, bringing the number of people born in the country to its lowest level in 32 years, according to provisional figures published on Wednesday by the federal government.” 

This may seem like a small change, but if such patterns continue, there could be consequences. Whether it be hope for themselves or hope for their future families, whatever the motivating factor is for young people today, several voices are working to take matters into their own hands.

For example, students are encouraging environmental awareness through their social media. Some trends have grown in popularity lately, such as the “Save the Turtles” initiative, which has resulted in people cutting back on the use of plastic straws. Starbucks even offers a strawless lid option, which is recommended. When plastic straws are thrown away, they, like so much of our trash, frequently end up in the ocean. When turtles see such trash, they mistakenly think it is food. Straws are particularly dangerous because they can become lodged in a turtle’s nose, and even cause death. Although there is still a long way to go, cutting back on any use of plastic is a step in the right direction. Now, we must continue to put one foot in front of the other. 

Another way we can continue making positive changes is by using our voices to be heard. This Friday was a great opportunity to do just that. Loyola students were welcomed to participate in the Global Climate Strike on the Quad. 

This strike invited everyone around the world to walk out of their classrooms, offices, houses, dorms, or wherever they may be, to stand in unity and demand climate justice. Schools around the world in places like Ghana, Germany, and London have shown their support for the cause, and on Friday, Loyola joined them. 

Many of our clubs and faculty on campus have promoted this cause. BEElieve club, Environmental Action Club, and Art Club are just a few groups who encouraged their members to attend this strike. You do not need to be a member of any specific club to show your support. The strike on Friday welcomed everyone to take a stand and demand change.
Visit for more information about the millions who are participating and to learn even more about what it is we are hoping to achieve. It is time to stand together and take care of our planet. It is, after all, our home. 

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Global climate strike hits campus