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The Greyhound was first published in October 1927 as a bi-monthly paper. As the college changed so did The Greyhound, evolving into a weekly publication. The Greyhound launched its online edition in 1999, making content of the newspaper available worldwide. As of January 2014, the publication has moved strictly online, with daily updates to keep the community engaged and informed.


The Greyhound is the primary campus and neighborhood news source for the Loyola University Maryland community. It is, first and foremost, a media outlet dedicated to the accurate presentation of the news of our community—students, faculty, administrators, Board of Trustees, alumni and friends of the university. It will also serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas from all of its constituent groups. The Greyhound serves an educational purpose, providing a hands-on learning experience for those students interested in journalism or other fields relating to the production of print and online media.

As a member of the Loyola community, The Greyhound celebrates the university’s accomplishments. In addition, it serves as a watchdog with a journalistic obligation to report the school’s shortcomings.

Editorial Policy

The writing, articles, pictures, layout, and format are the responsibility of The Greyhound and do not necessarily represent the views of the administration, faculty or students of Loyola University Maryland. Signed columns represent the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the editorial position of The Greyhound. Unsigned columns that appear in the editorial section are the opinion of the majority of the Editorial Board.

The Greyhound reserves the right to edit or reject any content it deems objectionable. Letters to the editor can be printed anonymously but cannot be sent anonymously.

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    SonoranDec 2, 2018 at 1:56 am

    This is a reply to “Check your privilege… now check it again…,” a recent article by Frances Almodovar. I’m in my 50s and live in Tucson. I was educated in Philadelphia and Washington DC. As a Tucsonan I’m familiar with the Kino program and its good work, especially their emphasis to humanize potential immigrants.

    The author, it seems, rather than eschewing the (relative) privilege of the title, instead leverages it further with responsibility: “There is value in a title that most of us didn’t and don’t have to work for. As an American, I have power.”

    We sent our children to Europe for schooling and they live there now. We live in Mexico half-time, in a real Mexican town, not an enclave. Being an American is not privilege. Our children got PhDs for free in Europe. Our little Mexican house has an orchard and our town has a freshwater spring and daily market.

    There’s a 2015 Human Rights report by the UN that outlines over 300 areas of concern in US policy, from racial profiling to torture – and we have the highest percentage of our population incarcerated anywhere in the world. Im pretty sure things haven’t gotten better in the last three years.

    I’d like to see another article by this author describing another approach to solving humanitarian problems than drawing upon the deceptive “power” of a nation.


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    Susan ainsworthMar 22, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    We have a great paid summer internship opportunity for student editors or reporters. Our office is located in Collingswood, NJ, just 15 minutes from Center City, Philadelphia.

    Please send me a direct email so I can forward a pdf with all the info.


    Susan Ainsworth (Loyola Class of 1992)
    [email protected]
    The Retrospect
    732 Haddon Avenue
    Collingswood, NJ 08108

  • R

    RitaOct 19, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Good afternoon, I am inquiring if you offer advertising in your campus paper. Please respond at you convenience to [email protected]. Thank you kindly

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