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Invincible Season Two, Part Two

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The second half of “Invincible” season two has finally finished releasing, and we have been left with another cliffhanger, similar to one in the first season. Much of the threats introduced this season have been dealt with in one way or another, but the major threat of the Viltrumite Empire still looms in the background. But now that season two is finally done, what do viewers think of Mark Grayson’s story thus far? 

In the first interaction of this article, the second half of the season had not come out yet. Viewers had enjoyed it, but were skeptical of the long wait time between halves. Costa Marmaras ‘27, who was interviewed in the previous article, is still concerned with the long wait times the series has made viewers accustomed to. 

“I thought [season two] lived up to expectations, but it did seem a little disappointing because of the wait between halves,” he said.

When faced with the prospect of another long wait in between seasons similar to the one between season one and two, Marmaras has similar feelings.

“I’m really not happy about another long wait because it feels like we are going slow relative to the comics,” Marmaras said. 

Trygve Watkins ‘27, is a little more sympathetic to the creators.

“It’s upsetting… but just the fact they got another season out is pretty impressive,” he said.  

Watkins is a fan of anime and was impressed that an American studio was able to put out such a quality show. 

Genevieve Hayes ‘27 is also in for the long hall.

“I’m fine with the wait… the wait in between made me forget about the plot in the first half of the season,” Hayes said. 

When asked if the season met expectations despite the wait, there was a generally positive response. 

“There were so many different plotlines, every episode was a totally new thing that you were excited to watch,” Watkins said. 

“The second half was more action packed and emotional,” Hayes said.

She also appreciated the fleshing out of Mark’s family.

“I liked that we got to see more with Mark’s mom because her situation is so complicated,” Hayes said.

There were some parts she didn’t appreciate however.

“Thanos baby was a little creepy,” she said.

Now that season two has completed, viewers have been left hungry for more “Invincible” content. 

“The show got me reading the comics,” Marmas said. 

Watkins wishes that we could’ve seen Mark in more human settings as opposed to just his duties as a hero. 

“I understand Mark Grayson as a hero and it conflicts with his social life, but I feel like they don’t even give him a chance to develop with his girlfriend, and now they’ve broken up.”  

“Invincible” has managed to be one of Amazon’s top shows for around three years now, and has a rabidly loyal fanbase eager for new content. As long as they keep producing the same quality content at a reasonable pace, there’s no reason to think it won’t last for at least another couple of seasons.

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