Loyola’s Alumni Bull and Oyster Roast is a hit once again

JULIA Julia Zhu Photo, Courtesy of Flickr
JULIA Julia Zhu Photo, Courtesy of Flickr

An unforgettable snowstorm may have postponed Loyola’s annual Alumni Bull and Oyster Roast, but there was no way that anyone was willing to let a year go by without it. Luckily for the hundreds of seniors and alumni who registered back in January, Bull and Oyster was saved and rescheduled for the evening of April 30.

As tables dotted with small candles were set up throughout the College Center, a rounded bar and stage were positioned in Reitz, and arcade games were present in McGuire, Loyola prepared itself for the excitement to come.

Just before 7 p.m., seniors made their way over to the Student Center, dressed to impress in gorgeous dresses and pressed suits, catching the attention of the many students on campus who were prepping for finals. Meanwhile, alums of all ages gathered on the Quad and the area outside of Humanities to reunite with old friends and catch up in the place where they had spent four great years.

After waiting to get their tickets checked, most people made their way into Reitz Arena, where the main attraction of the night—food, drinks, and a live band— was held. The room was filled with people milling about, making small talk with friends while waiting to get drinks at the large bar set up in the middle of the arena.

Long tables of food were set up on each end, ensuring that food would be plentiful all night long. The buffet-style dinner provided guests with a variety of different foods, including meat-carving stations and an area where shellfish enthusiasts could get their hands on some fresh oysters. When people weren’t eating or drinking, they took to the checkered dance floor to enjoy the live music of The Countdown Band, who caught attendees’ attention and provided amusement with their fun and enthusiastic covers.

Other locations in the College Center also offered other opportunities for fun, including McGuire Hall,

Loyola University Maryland Alumni Association Photo, Courtesy of alumni.loyola.edu
Loyola University Maryland Alumni Association Photo, Courtesy of alumni.loyola.edu

which boasted the new Greyhound Arcade. Here, skeeball, Dance Dance Revolution, air hockey, and other classic arcade games were free for people to enjoy, along with more snacks and drinks. Although they were unable to win money or prizes, participants still seemed ecstatic to enjoy some good old-fashioned rivalry with their friends.

For those who desired some relaxation, the Reading Room provided just that. Faculty member Anthony Villa played some impressive jazz tunes on the piano, allowing people to show off their dance skills, or take a seat and enjoy the music with a cup of tea or specialty dessert.

One of the night’s biggest hits was certainly the karaoke lounge in the Boulder Atrium. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Let It Go,” and “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” were just a few tunes that were sung throughout the night.

At 11 p.m., to everyone’s reluctance, the man behind the karaoke booth at said, “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here,” quoting the great hit “Closing Time.” The statement garnered sighs from those present, signifying their disappointment that the event had finally come to a close, though certainly not the night.

Whether it was a student’s first Bull and Oyster Roast, or their third or fourth time coming back to the Evergreen campus after graduating, it appeared as though everyone present was proud to be a Greyhound.

Feature Image: Loyola University Maryland Alumni Association Photo, Courtesy of alumni.loyola.edu URL