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The World Still Won’t Listen: Clow’s Compilation (UK)

The World Still Won’t Listen: Clow’s Compilation (UK)

Unfortunately, I have haters. These haters say I keep the best spots a secret, which is true. One of my favorite pastimes is baseball and gatekeeping. But after a conversation with my friend, Bridget Parsons ‘24, I think I want to change my ways. 

“I think gatekeeping is bad. It closes doors and opportunities for people. Although it can be fun to keep things under wraps, it’s much better to share the wealth.” 

Parsons was right (Common Parsons W) and I decided to listen to her and make cool things known to my devoted readers. I have shared some of the best spots on campus, but since I am leaving, I no longer need to keep all of my true favorites a secret under the cover of darkness. 

On Bathrooms

There are three contenders for my favorite bathroom. First is the Sellinger VIP bathroom because you can take an elevator there, which gives it major points. Jenkins Hall by the alumni office also has a very nice bathroom, and then the upstairs bathroom in the Humanities building is perfect for some privacy and has a nice sink. 

On Study Spots

My favorite study spot is typically any empty room, especially M113/114, which are the conference rooms by Starbucks. You are able to see what rooms are available and you can even book the room for yourself as long as you put it under a club name with this link

On Lunch Spots

My favorite lunch is actually Green and Grey. We as a school do not deserve their employees. I sometimes hear complaints about how the lines are too long, but being popular is not their fault. Green and Grey is not supposed to be a main spot for lunch – it is a mini cafe so it cannot always handle the large amounts of orders. It would be cool if they had light alcoholic refreshments starting at 3:00 p.m., and I understand why they don’t, but there is a good happy hour at Belvedere Square Market with honest pricing if you’re interested. 

On Starbucks Orders

My favorite Starbucks drink is actually just water. I think the drinks are overpriced, and I really do not support Starbucks. I think the workers are great at our campus, but Starbucks as a company does not deserve my money or loyalty. Now I believe this, but I usually have my friends purchase drinks with their meal points for me, so I do not contribute to their brand. If it was up to me, Loyola would cut ties with Starbucks and put a Dunkin in or another type of Green and Grey-style cafe. It looks like the Refectory will be like this. But as I have said  before, “You can take me out of Massachusetts, but you can’t take New England’s love for Dunkin out of me.”

On Parking

My favorite parking spot is East Old Cold Spring Lane because I can park there all day and even overnight. Honestly, it is better than Millbrook parking. That is my coveted parking spot for you. Also, you can just park at the FAC and the York Road lot for free during the day because they don’t ticket cars. Overnight is a different story, but you can always appeal the ticket, which the Senate from SGA will review your plea.

On ‘Grounding’ on the Quad

I have heard students want outlets on the quad, which would be nice. However, when my dawgs are on the quad, I do not want to be tethered to technology. That ruins the whole point of being outside. Read a book, fly a kite, or do something cool instead of being chained to your phone and laptop. I am happy that the chairs are set up all year round, but I do wish the Humanities porch furniture was set up all year too. 

On the FAC

Now the best time for the FAC is from open to about 9:30 a.m. because that is when the sauna is open and the gym is typically not busy. I have enjoyed going to the FAC during Group X classes, which are free. I enjoy attending the Barre classes, and my favorite ones are in the morning. I think it is a great feeling working out in the morning. I recommend attending Molly Schindler’s class if you’re following my go-to routine. Also sitting in the hot tub and sauna is great after a workout. And if you are in the sauna, leave your shoes behind. 

On Belvedere Square

Belvedere Square Market is awesome, and honestly, there is no wrong place to eat there, I just wish they were open later at night. But at night, I like to go to Jerry’s and Swallow at the Hollow. I try to support a York Road business each week. I have eaten and visited most of the spots on York Road, and I really have liked Nailah’s Kitchen, Smokehouse, and the Caribbean Variety Store, which are closer to campus. Zen West is also great, but just doesn’t align with who I am now. This is generally agreed upon, and when I was telling Brandon Tuccio ‘24, he spoke greatly about Jerry’s.

“The environment of Jerry’s is what sets it apart,” Tuccio said. “It’s a chilled, relaxed vibe with good food and great bartenders.”

On More Places to Visit

Some of my other favorites are Big Truck Brewing, Ministry of Brewing, W.C Harlan, Waterfront, Cat’s Eye, Rockwell, Lithuanian Hall/Bar, Soup Ons, Fadensonnen, Mount Royal Tavern, Wine Village in May, Smaltimore, Mt. Washington Cigar Co., Ottobar, Tropicool Italian Ice, and Abbey Burger.

Loyola is typically not anyone’s first choice (I’ll be honest, it wasn’t mine), but it was the right choice for me. It is up to you to make the most of your college days. I have been able to make lasting memories and lifelong friends by being involved in clubs and organizations like Men’s Rugby, SGA Senate, The Greyhound, Investment Club, Hiking Club, Skateboard Club, and studying abroad in Spain. 

And so it goes.

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