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Battle of Belvedere Market Square

Richard Clow

The following does not represent the views of Loyola University Maryland, the Greyhound, or Loyola University’s Department of Communication.

I try my best to eat, drink, and listen locally, and Belvedere Square Market is full of opportunities to do that.

The ‘About’ page of their website sums it up: “Located at the southeast corner of York Road and Northern Parkway, Belvedere Square offers a dynamic mix of retail shopping, dining, and convenient service options. In all, we feature more than 110,000 square feet of fashion apparel, fresh flowers, home furnishings & designs, restaurants and everyday services – and a food market that’s second to none.”

We are lucky enough to have a shuttle that will take us to this very location, which is also good if you want to see a movie at the Senator, or eat at a different local business in that area such as Zen West or Swallow at the Hollow. Or you can shop at the stores like the Seasoned Olive which does sell olive oil, kitchen supplies, and has a great gift selection.

Photo of painted bricks featuring local spots around Baltimore (Richard Clow)

In 2019, Loyola had a shuttle that took students to York Road Plaza shopping centers. Among the retail establishments in the area were a Giant Supermarket, Panera Bread, Chipotle, Boston Market, Qdoba, and Five Guys. While that shuttle is no longer running, a shuttle runs on Friday and Saturday nights to Belvedere Square.

There are 16 places listed to eat and drink at for your enjoyment. Now while I think it would be crazy to write about all of them, I don’t want you to worry since I have been to all places and tried whatever was recommended by the staff. This way, you don’t have to go through this labor intensive project. One of these places is a Dunkin, but I have been too prideful to go back after being embarrassed there since an incident on Nov. 1. 

I did ask for some outside input.

Caroline Cote ’24 said, “My favorite is The Pizza Trust. My favorite pizza is their bones pizza, which is very much like a margherita pie and The Pizza Trust is definitely one of my top favorite pizza places in the area. And I enjoy going to Dunkin.’ My typical Dunkin’ order is a sausage egg and cheese on a croissant and an iced coffee.”

Her comment was not the worst thing I have ever heard. I have sometimes had to use bones as a form of currency. I have also gotten there pizza many times, but I do not believe pizza belongs on the top five list. Maybe top 10. 

I was also able to catch up with Clodagh Ryan ’24.

“My favorite place to eat in Belvedere Square Market is Thai Landing. My go to meal is their Pad Se Eew. The food is excellent, fast, and super affordable. I love supporting local businesses in Baltimore!” Ryan said.

Now I love some Pad Thai, so it is definitely worth checking out. 

Here is my ranking from worst to best: Now there would normally be photos, but that is just so weird taking photos of each store. 

Mason’s Lobster Rolls

I enjoy their lobster rolls, and they have a nice soup selection. However, I honestly feel that it is too pricey because I have had better rolls and soup for cheaper. In fact, I am picky about my lobster rolls because I have had better, but of course I can’t tell you where. The soup is a nice soup, but there is better soup at Swallow at the Hollow next door. My favorites are the Connecticut Roll and the Lobster Bisque. 

EJJI Ramen

I honestly prefer pho over ramen, but they are very similar. I think it is a great source of protein, which is an essential part of my diet. The prices are expensive, but it seems everything is made in-house. But unfortunately this place is closing soon, but it is still great. 


Now I had originally placed this lower in my rankings because I have really only gotten coffee, and have found their food to be overpriced. But they also have a bar now, so it went up higher. Most people are huge fans of this place, and I do not understand. It is like Au Bon Pain, but better. 

Neopol Savory Smokery

This is a heavy hitter. I have had the shrimp salad here, and it was great. They have seafood items you can just grab, and I love it. I had a sandwich here on a Lenten Friday, and it was awesome. This place is underrated because it does smell like fish. I actually only ate here for the first time recently because of a recommendation from The Seasoned Olive

This is a great dining experience. I love Korean BBQ, it is nice to be able to cook my meat how I want it, but when I first started to dabble in Korean BBQ, the servers helped me cook the meat. This is definitely worth checking out and the fact that it is all-you-can-eat is crazy. I think this is a great place for my dollar.

Richard Clow

Prigel Family Farm 

This is my favorite because they have great charcuterie boards, you can buy your local meat and cheese. And they have great ice cream. I love ice cream. 

Joey Donovan ’24 said, “I love their ice cream, better than the Charmery. My favorite is the brownie sundae.”

I attached an image of local cheese, my favorite is the goat cheese, but that is only available sometimes.

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