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Loyola’s Best and Worst: Lunch Locations

Loyolas Best and Worst: Lunch Locations

The following represents the opinion of the student reporter and does not represent the views of Loyola University Maryland, the Greyhound, or Loyola University’s Department of Communication.

Originally, I was going to write about the overall best dining location but soon realized each location had different strengths and weaknesses for each meal. I came to the conclusion that lunch is the best meal to write about because it is casual, low-pressure, and it is the only meal I eat daily. I do not eat breakfast often, typically because I will wake up too late or not be hungry. I may skip dinner and opt for a nice soup or throw together a quick charcuterie board; I also might just have a late dinner and thankfully Iggy’s is still open.

However, I am always down to lunch. I enjoy getting lunch with friends or by myself; I generally like the idea of a low-pressure meal with friends. It is also a nice in-between meal that can be as quick or long as you want, depending on the company. 

“There are some people who I would grab lunch with, but definitely not dinner with,” said Luke Myers ‘26.

Lunch is often planned around my class schedule, so some of my friends may not be available. I enjoy that I can usually find someone to join randomly, but you, the reader, can always invite me to lunch. I am always down to lunch.

This is listed from worst to best. However, “worst” does not mean do not eat there. There is no wrong dining location to eat from.



I have never had an issue with this Starbucks. People seem happy with the drinks and service but it’s a shame (for Starbucks) that I run on Dunkin’. That is why Starbucks takes the place on the bottom of the lunch locations list for me, which might come as a surprise to many. As a native New England boy, you can take me out of Massachusetts, but you cannot take the Dunkin’ out of me. Side note, I also hate that we cannot get a Dunkin’ on campus because we use Barnes and Noble for our books.

Ace Sushi & Green Peel

These two spots are lumped together because they are stationed next to each other and have the same menu options daily. I enjoy sushi but I believe it is overpriced here. For example, I can go to Giant on Wednesdays to eat sushi and pay half the price. It would be nice if there were discounted days or if the cost was lower after a certain time. Also, you get no sides or drinks, like my favorite Dr. Pepper. The workers are great and everything always tastes delicious. I have no problems with this location, but I am not a fan of the meal swipe at Green Peel. Somehow, Green Peel counts as a swipe, which costs 7.99, and it is the same value as an all-you-care-to-eat swipe (AYCE) from Boulder at dinner, which is nearly double in cost.


I do not know how Iggy’s is this low, but it is. I think Iggy’s is convenient for those on the West side because of the late hours (It’s not open past 12:00, so if you are outside walking to Newman after, be careful), but during the day it does not seem busy. There is also nothing too special about this place, as it is just the stations and deli and there are other locations on campus with a similar menu.

They also have a great selection of drinks such as milk, juice, water, and soda (including Dr. Pepper). However, I understand some students get annoyed about showing the receipt or the process of checkout. David Costa ’25 feels this way.

“Despite having my fair share of arguments with workers at Iggy’s, it will always hold a special place in my heart because of the ice cream and new trail mix,” Costa said. Costa is right about the trail mix bar. It’s so nice because I can get a cup of almonds to ration throughout the week.

Boulder 2.0

Honestly, I am surprised it is ranked this low because I eat here a lot. Everything is fine with the food and service, but what drives this lower is the sustainability measures taken. It is a nice gesture, but I do not agree with the current practices. Some of the food is not fit for the plates and bowls given out and would do way better in to-go containers. How am I supposed to get a meal, two sides, and dessert, which are all on separate plates and bowls? Yes, I understand there are trays, but it is flat and would need to be raised a little for there to be no spillage. Also, I wish the sides could just go onto the plate, but I assume there is some cross-contamination concern that prevents this from happening. I really enjoyed Boulder 2.0 in previous years because I could walk out with a yogurt to-go, which would be my breakfast. I was even excited about the new hummus bar, but I would want to take that to-go.

Besides my concern with the new practices, I enjoy Boulder 2.0 because of the infused drinks and Dr. Pepper. I am no stranger to the Salad Bar and neither is Samantha DeMartino ‘25, who spoke on the topic. 

“My favorite location is Boulder 2.0 because they have different healthy options daily and great workers that sing, making my day,” Demartino said.

Fresh West

The meals here are not as consistent as other locations, despite the menu being the same. It is common for ingredients to be missing, which is unfortunate. I have not had too much interaction with the staff here, but they seem to work hard and are efficient because my orders are always made quickly. Overall, this is here because, in my mind, it is a knock-off of Chipotle, which is worth the meal swipe. Also the canned soda Dr. Pepper is not available. It would be a nice touch, as I would love to be able to save it for later.

Boulder Garden Café

The meals here are consistent and homey, and there are no surprises. I am not a picky eater by any means, but there are some items I do not like being served. Nonetheless, this location is the favorite of Liam Oates ’25. 

“Man, I love Boulder because of Crafted,” Oates said. “The Chinese food makes me feel good inside. I love Crafted.”

The service is fast and there are plenty of drink options, including my favorite, Dr. Pepper. However, I notice there have been several times when there are not any drinks, which I assume is a shipment or inventory issue, so I understand. The staff is also great. The seating area is the right size for this campus, but I do wish there were more booths and an all-year outdoor seating option.

Green & Grey Café

This is by far my favorite location because of the staff. They are always very friendly and fast with service. Although they get flooded with nonstop orders, each order is still delicious with the quality rarely changing. The menu is also very basic and friendly for a quick bite; I am a fan of the drinks, which the baristas make right every single time. The seating area is also nice, but sometimes there may not be a seat or a table for me, which is okay. My only issue with Green and Grey is the absence of Dr. Pepper, my favorite soda, but I do enjoy the other drink options – except Sobe Water.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with most spots on Loyola’s campus for dining. Lunch is subjectively the best meal of the day and I hope next time you go, you invite me to join.


Featured Image courtesy of Richard Clow.

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Loyola’s Best and Worst: Lunch Locations