OBX 3: Pogues and Kooks are Back with the Biggest Treasure Hunt Yet

On Feb. 23, fans were welcomed back into the world of Pogues versus Kooks as Netflix released the third season of Outer Banks. With all the regular cast members returning plus some new characters, the season was bound to have high expectations. But were they met?

Charlie Wahlberg ’24 said, “This season exceeded my expectations. I think that the plot for this season was much more intricate but still included the teen drama plot line that we all love from seasons one and two.”

Episode one begins on the desert island that season two left off on with the Pogues, Sarah Cameron, and the newest addition, Cleo. The chemistry is too hard to deny with the naming of their new abode, Poguelandia, and the game of truth or dare which showcases JJ’s classic daredevil ways, Pope’s intellect, and the relationship between Sarah and John B. 

However, with the public breakup of Madelyn Cline (Sarah) and Chase Stokes (John B), many fans wondered if the tension between them would show through their characters. With the knowledge of the breakup, Pierce Shearin ’23 believes that to not be the case.

“From what I’ve read, they are still very good friends and their relationship just didn’t work because they were too busy,” Shearin said. “You can tell they are professionals and it didn’t affect how they performed in the show.”

Other fans seemed a little more aware in the more stressful scenes that something was up between them that was obviously not scripted. For Wahlberg, she knew that they had split but it was not super noticeable in their romantic chemistry on screen. 

She said, “I didn’t notice much of a difference during their happy scenes but I did notice during scenes when they were upset with each other that the emotions felt more raw. This could be coincidence but I feel like it’s easier to act upset with one another after the break up.”

For many Netflix users, Outer Banks season three brought the show to a whole other level. Shearin believes the addition of new characters helped with the show’s development. 

Shearin said, “I liked the added villain, Mr. Singh. Ward’s character was starting to get old and there needed to be a new villain. Additionally, I like how it ended as there is room for the show to go in a different direction next season.”

With season three out now, and a promised season four, Outer Banks fans are hungry for more with our beloved characters. You can watch all 10 episodes now on Netflix.