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Thumbs Up Thumbs Down: The First of the New Semester!


Hello Greyhounds and welcome back! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Emma and I am the Editor in Chief of the Greyhound! Each week, my editorial team and I talk about what happened last week and what is coming up this week and give it a little rating. Do you have any thumbs up or down from your first week? Well, here are ours!

Thumbs Down: Summer is over, and we are back to school. Well, I wouldn’t be writing this if this one weren’t true. While some of us may love school as you get to learn more and see your friends that you may not have seen all summer, I think most of us can agree that classes are not always where we want to be on beautiful summer days. And it has been HOT. Anyone else sweating during class?

Thumbs Up: Power Plant Live! on Thursday. Maybe it was because it was the first Thursday back for students, but if you were at Power Plant Live! on Thursday night, a popular place for Loyola students to go out, you know it was amazing. Power Plant definitely has its ups and downs on if it’s fun and is typically a place for the younger classes, but even seniors were having a blast! Fingers crossed this energy stays up all semester!

Thumbs Down: Syllabus week is not a thing at Loyola. Anybody else agree? I thought the first week of classes was supposed to be easy. Or at least the first class! You go over the syllabus, do some ice breakers, and you get started with actual learning later on. Well, not here! For one class I had two assignments given the first day. Like, what? I know I am a senior, but is the whole year going to be like this?

Thumbs Up: Senior 250s theme is going to be announced! That’s right seniors! Our annual 50s count down is right around the corner. Each year, the senior class has a celebration every 50 days until graduation. The events, thrown by SGA are themed and a great time for seniors to get excited about their last year. Tomorrow, we get to find out the theme for the first event! What do you think it will be?

Thumbs Down: We are SWEATING. I said this before, but it is so hot out. We had two cooler days this week, but other than that, you walk outside and you sweat instantly. To make matters worse, the AC is definitely not working throughout campus yet. Each classroom is pretty warm and the temperature outside doesn’t help. The Greyhound office apparently had AC put in this summer, except it is currently 80 degrees. I guess we will be working in a sauna all year if we don’t figure this out!

Thumbs Up: The Activities Fair is Tuesday! The annual Activities Fair is happening this week from 4 to 6:30! Be sure to attend to see all the great clubs and groups you can be a part of on campus. Make sure you stop by the Greyhound table! We would love to have you join our team!

Thumbs Down: We still don’t have a Business Manager 🙁 . If you are a business or advertising major and want something to put on your resume, come join the Greyhound! We are looking for a Business Manager who can sell ads for us! For more information and to be considered, please email and send a resume to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thumbs Up: The Junior class text is now a movie! Some pretty cool things if I do say so myself. The class of 2021 had to read “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson as their freshman class text the summer before coming to Loyola. Now, the book has been turned into a movie starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx. We love that Loyola chooses relevant and in the now material for their students!

And that’s a wrap, folks! I hope everyone had a great first week and can continue to survive this next week and for the rest of the semester! See ya next week for another Thumbs!

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Thumbs Up Thumbs Down: The First of the New Semester!