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Top 10 Pop Culture Cars


The getaway car. The stolen car. The time-travelling car, magical car and the car with a mind of its own. Conventional or not, cars seem to be an intrinsic in films. Here’s a look at automobiles’ starring roles:
1-1961 250 GT California Spyder Ferarri, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

Who can forget the look on truant Ferris’ face when he opens his bud Cameron’s garage? Inside, polished to perfection, waits Cameron’s dad’s prized red Ferarri.  Convincing an uptight Cameron to “borrow” the car for a day of playing hooky is no easy feat, but Ferris manages. And they’re not the only ones to enjoy the car: they make one parking attendant very happy when they valet the car.  The best part? After returning the car to its glass-walled shrine of a garage without so much as a scratch, Ferris and Cameron go about the business of erasing the mileage from the day. The guys try to run the car in reverse while it’s stationary. Not only does it not work, but the car ends up flying backwards through the glass and falling down into a ravine behind Cameron’s house. Anything in the name of fun, right?
2-DeLorean- Back to the Future

A car that has trouble getting to 88 MPH might not be your first pick, but when the car doubles as a time machine, all bets are off.  In this classic time-travel flick, mastermind Doc Brown creates a modern day time machine from a DeLorean DMC-12.  Those who think the upward opening, gull-wing doors are the coolest feature of this ‘80s car clearly haven’t been schooled on the wonders of a Flux Capacitor.
3-The Batmobile-The Batman trilogy

This has to be the most suave, tricked out of all movie cars.  While there have been many renditions of Batman movies, the one with the coolest vehicle is the Christopher Nolan trilogy.  Allegedly designed to look like a cross between a tank and a Lamborghini, the resulting car can do some serious damage. In the movie, the car is a souped-up version of Wayne Enterprises’ “Tumbler” car, complete with weaponry, armor and the ability to self-destruct into the backup getaway vehicle, the Batpod motorcycle.  For a “superhero” without any real superpowers, a completely outfitted car is an absolute must.

4-Flying Ford AngliaHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Although cars are pretty standard in the Muggle world, for wizards they can be perplexing.  When Arthur Weasley comes across a Ford Anglia, he works his magic on the powder-blue car to…enhance it a bit. With the power to fly and turn invisible, this is not your average Ford.  Troublemaking son, Ron, and his best mate Harry Potter find themselves without a ride to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and knick the Flying Ford Anglia to make the journey on their own.  Since neither boy has experience driving or has so much as a driver’s permit, disaster inevitably ensues. Although they make it to the school, it’s barely in one piece, as the car ends up in the giant, thrashing Whomping Willow.

5-The Love Bug- The Herbie franchise
A car that drives itself sounds pretty nice, but things become complicated when it has a mind of its own.  Herbie’s career in Hollywood has been quite a long one, beginning with 1969’s The Love Bug. But people our age are likely more familiar with the bug’s latest installment, Herbie: Fully Loaded. In this 2005 movie, the ’63 Volkswagen Beetle shared the screen with Lindsay Lohan. You know, back in the days when Lindsay could get in a car without it resulting in a DUI charge. (Is that a bit harsh?)  However tainted our memories of young Lindsay have become, we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for that old, striped bug with the big “53” on the hood.

6-Audi-The Transporter series
Sometimes a man can be inseparable from his car, and such is the case with the Transporter and his Audi.  Action star Jason Statham (or Jay-Stay, as he is affectionately called in my house) plays Frank Martin, a hired driver who transports high value goods and people for money.  While Statham is trained in kung fu, karate and kickboxing, sometimes fighting fails and he needs to get out of dodge, fast. His all black, armored Audi A8 W12 is like a trusty steed: Always there to save the day and protect his precious “cargo” in style.

7-All characters- Cars
With its title, this adorable Disney/Pixar flick could hardly miss this list.  Just like Toy Story made us look at our toys in a different light, Lightning McQueen, Mater and the gang give us insight into the secret life of cars.  Warning: This movie might just make you look over your shoulder before turning off the garage light… Just to make sure nothing has moved.

8-Scoobymobile- Scooby Doo
While Scooby and the gang are pretty great at solving mysteries, their operation wouldn’t be able to function without the psychedelic Mystery Machine.  Acting as both a means of transportation and a makeshift headquarters, the lime green and teal van is an integral part of the crew. The hippy-dippy floral theme is evocative of the ‘60s and complements Scooby and Shaggy’s lackadaisical attitudes.  When the cartoon transformed into live action for the 2002 feature film, they created a real-life Mystery Machine from a retro Chevy van.

9-Bond cars- The James Bond films
Bond is known for many things beside his spy skills: elaborate weapons, girls and, of course, cars.  Throughout the history of the franchise, 007 has had his fair share of cool cars. From the AMC Matador Coupe in The Man with the Golden Gun that transforms into a plane to the submarine/car Lotus Esprit S1 in The Spy Who Loved Me, these are not your average 4-doors.  However, the most famous bond car of all is the classic silver Aston Martin DB5, which first appeared in 1964’s Goldfinger.

10-Chevy Camaro- The Transformers trilogy
In the Transformers world, machines can be your best friend or your enemy, but Bumblebee is one of the good guys.  He’s an Autobot whose “altmode” transfiguration is a yellow Chevy Camaro. The producers chose a 1977 model and painted black racing stripes on the hood to give the bot a bit of character.  Bumblebee holds his ground in the film as he helps humankind fight off the evil Decepticons

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