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Living sustainably at Loyola


We live in a time where social media dictates so much of what we see, do, and inevitably, how we spend money. It can be difficult to avoid the pressure to look a certain way. As a result, people often spend their money on cheap clothing items that they don’t need. These are items that will most likely wind up in landfills. We have become a culture that thrives on overconsumption and this has endangered our planet greatly. It may seem difficult to change the way you shop, especially from a college campus, but it can be done! The excitement of getting new clothes does not have to be taken away, just reimagined. The same concept applies to being conscious of how we shop for food and how we acquire our meals. 

Shopping That’s Better for the Planet

Many stores sell vintage and thrift clothing in the Baltimore area. A great option is Illicit Rag Vintage! This store sells a variety of colorful clothing, jewelry, and basic pieces. About a 20 minute walk from campus, or a quick drive, it’s definitely worth the visit. 

Another great option is Get Shredded Vintage. Located in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore, this store has an amazing selection of vintage clothes, as well as an online site to sell apparel.

However, if it’s hard to get off campus and easier to turn to online shopping, apps like Depop and Poshmark are very helpful. They allow people to buy and sell items of clothing online. It also gives students the opportunity to get secondhand clothing shipped directly to them, as well as the potential to make money by selling their clothes.

Sustainable Food Shopping

Our campus has many dining options, Iggy’s Market being among them. They allow you to grab your food and go, but a lot of the time you’re taking it in a plastic bag. Personalized shopping totes have revolutionized shopping in the past few years, and there’s no reason this can’t apply to Iggy’s. They have even begun to sell their version of a shopping tote that you can purchase with your meal points! Being able to reuse something so vital can start your sustainable shopping journey off on the right foot. 

Reducing Food Waste

One of the fortunate things about being on a college campus is there are a lot of food options. The way that Loyola’s meal plans are set up, it can be very easy to eliminate food waste. That is kind of a double-edged sword in a way, because you may not be wasting food yourself, but you are reliant on takeout containers. It is important to dispose of those properly, and Loyola is set up so you can do that. However, if you’re storing food you’ve purchased yourself, make sure to store it properly. Cook with leftovers, if you can, and buy only what you need. 

It’s an imperfect process, trying to live in a way that’s better for the planet. It is okay to not be sure how to go about it. These are just my suggestions that I’m hoping will make you a little more conscious about sustainable living.

Featured Image courtesy of Cherie Birkner via Unsplash

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Living sustainably at Loyola