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Podcast Review: “Anything Goes” by Emma Chamberlain


As a college student trying to navigate the world during a pandemic, I often find myself getting overwhelmed and stressed out by the demands I face in this role. This stress can come in many different forms, from worrying about my appearance to struggling to balance relationships with people. I have heard many of my peers struggling with the same things and it is always nice to know that you are not dealing with these issues alone. That is why I have been listening to Emma Chamberlain’s podcast, “Anything Goes.”

Emma Chamberlain is a 19-year-old internet personality and content creator. In the past few years, she has collaborated with many different companies such as Hollister and Curology. She has also come out with her own planner and owns a coffee company called Chamberlain Coffee. I stumbled upon her YouTube channel in my early years of high school and fell in love with it. In every video she posted, she was her full and authentic self. This inspired (and still inspires) me to be myself despite being judged for the things that make me different. 

In “Anything Goes,” Emma does the same thing. She sits down in her closet and records episodes every week that cover many different topics, ranging from lessons on how to be more confident to random advice sessions where she reads questions from her listeners and gives them advice about any issues they are facing. While the topics can be very different, the episodes all have one thing in common: Emma is completely open and transparent about her experiences and uses the trials that she has faced in life to help anyone who happens to come across her podcast. While there is the occasional ad within the podcast episodes, there are no cuts, edits, or backtracks. This helps to facilitate the experience of sitting down in a room and talking to a friend. When she laughs at a funny story she is telling, so do I. When she gets frustrated or passionate about something she is discussing, I do too. It is such a great experience.

I listen to this podcast while doing chores, doing homework, or when I just want to relax. I have found that it is a great way to unwind and hope to make it a part of my weekly routine. Seeing someone I look up to facing and talking about the same issues I deal with on a regular basis is really eye-opening. It can be really easy to go on social media and see famous influencers and forget that they are human beings just like we are. I appreciate that Emma uses her platform to show people that being a celebrity does not mean her life is perfect. Through her podcast and her different social media accounts, Emma is always raw and honest with her audience. 

Overall, the podcast is inspiring and enjoyable. There is an episode for just about every mood I am in and I am always pleasantly surprised by the way Emma approaches her topics. This podcast has helped me in many different ways, and I am excited for her to continue making new episodes. 

New episodes are available every Thursday on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts.

Featured Image courtesy of Juja Han via Unsplash

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Podcast Review: “Anything Goes” by Emma Chamberlain