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Season 2 of The Mandalorian begins with explosive premiere


(Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.)

On Oct. 30, Disney+ dropped the premiere of season 2 of The Mandalorian with a fiery start. Already, positive reviews have flooded the internet. For example, one review reads,“[The Mandalorian] proves with one of its best episodes yet that it still has a lot of flair, inspiration, and jetpack fuel to go around.”

The Mandalorian started its sophomore season with the unique western style it introduced in the first season, showing the rough and lawless aspect of the Star Wars Universe as the New Republic struggles to replace the now fallen Empire. The main character must fight against bandits, bounty hunters, and Imperial remnants as he fends for himself and his companions that come and go in his quests.

Characters old and new were featured. Of course, the premiere already brings back two returning characters, the Mandalorian and, everybody’s favorite, Baby Yoda. New characters, although not projected to be recurring, were also introduced, bringing new light to life in the desolate parts of the galaxy.

Appropriately titled “The Marshal,” this episode demonstrates the need for protection and alliance, a theme commonly found in the first season. When the Empire fell long ago, the defenseless townsfolk of Mos Pelgo had only one man, Cobb Vanth, to protect them against the mysterious and feared Tusken Raiders, a mining syndicate, and the Krayt Dragon, a massive beast that makes the famed Sarlaccs look like easy prey.

The fight between the uneasy alliance of Tuskens and Mos Pelgoians versus the lethal beast shows just how dangerous and fragile this universe is and how much danger all the characters are in. For perspective, the Empire at its height, while they occupied the planet Tatooine, couldn’t  even take down the beast.

Many critics are worried about popular elements of Star Wars eclipsing the new worlds and elements that were frequently introduced in the first season. But, after the premiere of the new season, there was a general census that the numerous easter eggs and allusions throughout the episode added a new dimension to the plot and wrapped it up nicely into the whole of Star Wars canon.

On the topic of easter eggs, there was plenty to find as fans scoured through the footage— some easy to find, others not so much. Little nods to the franchise as a whole were found, a sort of tradition started in the first season. In the opening scene, graffiti of popular characters can be seen. Cobb Vanth uses a modified piece of Anakin Skywalker’s podracer. The return of a fan favorite is included as the episode breathes life back into the supposedly deceased bounty hunter Boba Fett, as he’s seen spying on the Mandalorian in the final shot. (All this easter egg information and more is observed by Star Wars Theory on YouTube.)

Overall, this episode is a fantastic start to the second season of the critically acclaimed series. If the momentum keeps up, this next season of The Mandalorian will see his travels with Baby Yoda grow to even larger proportions. His attempt to reunite the child with its kind will make him stumble into even more danger or, potentially, a couple of new allies.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian is available now on Disney+.

Featured Image courtesy of From Bricks to Bothans via Flickr Creative Commons

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Season 2 of The Mandalorian begins with explosive premiere