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The Bachelorette, season 16: here’s what you missed so far


Episode 2 of season 16 of The Bachelorette aired on Oct. 20th and focused on Clare Crawley’s search for true love. In this episode, Clare’s admiration for contestant Dale Moss grew and there was a questionable group date that consisted of strip dodgeball. This prompted another contestant, Yosef, to become angry and confront her in the following episode.

On Oct. 27, episode 3 of The Bachelorette began with Yosef confronting Clare about his feelings towards the strip dodgeball game. Yosef insulted Clare through the whole conversation, calling her “appalling”and “classless.” Ultimately, Clare demands that Yosef leave after his blatant disrespect and he marches his way to the exit. Clare is rightfully upset after the altercation and Dale is on standby to help her. 

From Clare only spending the group date with Dale, to an entire roast consisting of jokes about Clare and Dale’s relationship, there was one focus of episode 3 for the bachelorette: Dale. Clare even refused to give out a group date rose, instead giving it to herself. The end of the episode included the first glimpse of Tayshia Adams, a Bachelor alum, emerging out of a pool at the resort. This is the first time that the franchise has acknowledged and confirmed the rumors about Tayshia’s possible replacement of Clare as the bachelorette for this season. 

On Nov. 5, episode 4 of season 16 began. Right off the bat, Chris Harrison sits down with Clare and tells her that they cannot go on like this. Clare is tearful and expresses her gratitude towards the opportunity she was given as the bachelorette, but she says that she has no interest in anyone but Dale. Harrison tells her: “Congratulations, you’ve just blown up The Bachelorette.” 

Harrison then goes to the house to inform the contestants that there will be no cocktail party that evening, but then pulls Dale aside and tells him that Clare would like to spend the evening with him.

The evening date with Clare and Dale begins with dinner where they talk about their parents’ relationships and Clare professes that she is falling in love with Dale. Dale, in a more reserved way, agrees and says that he is also falling in love with her. Dale tells Clare that “when [they] met, [he] felt love.” 

The next day, Clare and Dale are in bed together and they talk about how unsure they are about what is going to happen next. Fast forward to the other contestants who are either denying the relationship between Dale and Clare, or venting about how their time has been wasted in this process.

Harrison returns to Clare’s room where she proceeds to tell Chris that “[Dale] is exactly what [she] is looking for,” and that she “would be so honored to be with this guy for the rest of [her] life.” Harrison asks Clare if she would like a proposal, and of course she says yes.

Clare then heads to speak to the other guys and tells them that she is going to be with Dale and she is breaking up with the rest of them. Clare tells the group: “I will apologize if I wasted your time, I will apologize if I hurt you, but I will not apologize for love.” The men ultimately reacted positively and supported Clare in her decision.

 There is a shot of Harrison facetiming Neil Lane, the Bachelor’s resident engagement ring designer, where he says that they need the ring today. Although, it never becomes clear how exactly they make this possible.

Harrison informs Dale that Clare has broken up with the other men and she is expecting a proposal. Dale maintains his cool, shockingly, even though they have spent one night together and now he is expected to get engaged.

And yet, in the magical universe of The Bachelorette, where time seems to mean nothing, we find Dale down on one knee, proposing to Clare and asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. And she says yes! And just like that, Clare and Dale are gone, and the rest of the men are left to wonder what exactly this means for them.

Harrison, a shining beacon of hope, emerges and tells the men that their “journey is not over.” The men have the option to leave the show, if they somehow had feelings for Clare that were strong, or they can stay and meet the new bachelorette.

All of the men decide to stick around, and before we know it, Tayshia is exiting the limo in a sparkling gown, ready to meet her (formerly Clare’s) men. The preview of the rest of Tayshia’s season shows her concern on becoming these guys’ second option, and Harrison introducing some type of unknown twist. It appeared as if there would be a sit-down interview with Clare and Dale during the week of Nov. 10, where they would update fans on the status of their relationship. 

While Clare’s season was cut short, by her own doing, Bachelor Nation is ready for a new and improved bachelorette. Tayshia’s season has gathered relatively little attention when it comes to spoilers, and her beloved personality will surely shine in the lead role. This season has already been filled with twists and turns, but at least viewers have a full season of a refreshing face to look forward to.

Episode 5 and Tayshia’s first episode of season 16 of The Bachelorette aired on Tuesday, Nov. 10. 

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Featured Image courtesy of Kwaku Alston via ABC

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The Bachelorette, season 16: here’s what you missed so far