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Once upon a remake

Once upon a remake

Over the past couple of years, Disney has been pushing out remakes, live-action movies, and sequels of their beloved films from years ago to audiences everywhere. Few original films have been released and have left audiences wondering why Disney is pursuing this route and whether original films are over for now.

It has been rumored that Walt Disney put in his will that original films should be recreated every 10 years so that the new generation can appreciate them. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a credible resource that validates those rumors; however, it would make sense. The younger generations are not as familiar with the classics like “Mary Poppins” or the “Lion King,” and putting it back in theaters with the technology of today gives the kids of today a chance to experience the magic that we used to experience. While aiming toward kids, it also reaches an adult audience at the same time. Watching sequels and live-action films brings back a sense of nostalgia. For example, watching “Incredibles 2,” I was brought back into the world of the “Incredibles” and was reminded of when I was a little kid watching that movie with my neighbors. Everyone always enjoys happy nostalgia; watching Disney movies is always a good way to feel it.

The problem some people have with these countless remakes, besides wanting original content from Disney, is the fear of the company ruining the magic of the original films that is already there. Personally, I am scared for the live-action “Lion King” movie. As a kid, I was in love with the “Lion King;” the art that went into creating the animals and the colors intrigued me. With a live-action movie, you can lose the artistry behind what made it a legend of a movie. However, new technology also has the chance of bringing it a new life — one that I won’t know of until it comes out.

   There’s always the risk of a movie failing, but Disney heightens that risk with recreations not reaching the standards of the originals by changing them too much. Sometimes change can be good. For example, “Toy Story 4” just recently released Bo Peep, and her character is being reintroduced in the new film. With the announcement, they also released a picture of her character, and there were changes. Besides the revamping with new technology, they changed her costume. No longer did she look like a damsel in distress; she looked like a hero. Her skirt was taken off and made into a cape. Her staff was no longer for herding sheep but was held with a new sense of power. I love the changes they made, and I think that it will inspire the young girls that will watch the film. The original Bo Peep needed Woody, but the new Bo Peep has her own story and is now her own independent character that I am excited to meet.

   There will always be controversy about Disney films, young and old; however, as the world continues to turn and we continue to age, it’s nice to be reminded of what it was like to be a kid again. Going into a theater to watch a sequel or remake, I’m always surrounded with a diverse audience, and it makes me happy to see little kids enjoying a story that once meant so much to me and others.

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Once upon a remake