#BeTheCover: Elle Australia Shows Unconventional October Cover

UntitledThe October issue of Elle Australia had a surprisingly interesting and gorgeous cover model. And that model is you. Elle marketed the new issue with this slogan, “Our October issue makes you the star.” With this new Elle Australia issue, anyone can be the cover girl of the magazine and make it shine with their individual touch.

The magazine explained that this is a part of their effort to show what it truly means to be a woman. I believe that this is a great tool and confidence booster to remind women what true beauty really is. Instead of being forced to compared oneself to the perfectly pampered models starring on the cover of the magazine, Elle aimed to empower and encourage every body type, every personality, and every women to reflect on their own qualities.2CABECB400000578-3245844-image-m-41_1443007490470

Women around the world are constantly being forced to compare their appearance, abilities and intellect to the perception of the true beauty that models and celebrities have. These women are put on a spotlight pedestal, and we’ve been raised to aspire to reach such standards. Models are brave for putting their bodies out for the world to see, and I recognize it as an honorable profession. But I also believe that the majority of the gorgeous models that I’ve grown up envying aren’t as relatable as they should be. This new idea of praising the average woman is a beautiful movement that would benefit many if it continues. Elle Australia did great wonders with their latest issue, and probably helped some young girls, and some women as well, realize that society doesn’t get to dictate what beauty is, because we can all be beautiful in our own ways.