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‘Full House’s’ Dave Coulier brings a night of laughs to the Evergreen campus

Full Houses Dave Coulier brings a night of laughs to the Evergreen campus

On Feb. 24, Dave Coulier visited Loyola as part of the stand-up comedy tour that’s taking the beloved TV uncle all around the country to colleges, nightclubs, theaters, and more.

While he is best known for his role as Uncle Joey on the television series “Full House” and the show’s recent reprisal, “Fuller House,” Coulier has also gained fame by hosting numerous television shows. He has appeared on early-morning and late-night talk shows, and is well known for his voice-over talent.

“I just love being silly,” said Coulier as a way of explaining why he’s chosen to lead the life he has.

Before the show, Michael Payne ’20 was working at the event when he got to meet the comedian.

“I was standing there, scanning tickets and suddenly he came up to me asking about parking. I remember thinking, ‘Why does this guy look familiar?’ then I realized and was like, ‘Oh it’s you!’ He smiled and said, ‘Yeah I gotcha dude!’ I got a picture with him afterward; it was great.”

Dressed casually in a personalized USA hockey jersey, Coulier energetically jumped onto the stage and did his famed “Cut it Out” move. The audience, packed into McGuire Hall, went wild.

Coulier kept the rest of the night upbeat and the crowd in a constant fit of laughter. He included numerous personal stories, with most of the jokes at his own expense and embarrassment. He made it a point to engage the audience in his act, most notably with his conversation about tuba-playing with a visiting student named Andy. There were a few dad jokes tossed into the mix, but it seemed only natural given his signature role as an uncle to three young girls on “Full House.”

Coulier refused to censor himself. His jokes ranged from stories about farts to not-so-inconspicuous sexual innuendos. He joked on a few occasions about the irony of his often crude and silly humor being met with positive reactions and laughter at a Jesuit University.

He incorporated his well-known talent of sound effects and voice-overs into his act, and in one of his last bits, he thanked the Loyola event staff for finding him a harmonica before serenading the audience with the instrument.

“He was a lot funnier than I thought he was going to be,” said Brittany Albert ’20. “I really liked how he connected with the audience, like when he was talking with Andy. I’m really glad I went, I thought it was good.”

At the end of his show, Coulier took on a more serious note. He talked about how much hope he has for this generation and the enormous potential it possesses. “My generation, well . . . we kinda suck,” he said with a chuckle. “We could’ve done a lot, but we didn’t. You guys are actually making change.”


Feature Image: ORSVP NYC Photo, Courtesy of Flickr

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‘Full House’s’ Dave Coulier brings a night of laughs to the Evergreen campus