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DACA hurts Americans


Last week, President Donald Trump made the decision to end former President Barack Obama’s plan to protect undocumented immigrants that came into the country as minors, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). . Obama’s plan basically means that these illegal immigrants are given a work permit from the government as well as protection from deportation. Those who receive the permit are eligible to renew it after two years.

Trump had decided to end the program, ultimately leaving it to Congress to vote on the matter. Mind you, that is the way laws are supposed to be passed—not through executive orders that declare something to be law after Congress specifically voted no on a law, which is what Obama did to pass the law in the first place. Obama took time to virtue signal to Trump about the cruelty of stopping an unconstitutional executive order on Facebook; as the useless GOP also virtue signaled about the cruelty.

The Constitution states the executive branch of government is supposed to enforce the laws Congress passes, it cannot pick and choose them. Enforcing the laws also has to do with upholding the laws.

We must remember that the parents of the children committed a crime by coming across the border. Of course, it’s sad that the children have to go back to their country too, but the parents should have thought of that before they committed the crime of crossing the border illegally.

Also, this idea that every DACA recipient is a 5-year-old girl clutching a dirt-covered Raggedy Anne Doll is absurd. The truth is, the average age of DACA recipients is 25 years old. Doesn’t sound like children to me.

If DACA isn’t ended, the only other option is expanding the program. DACA already covers over 800,000 people who have 87 percent employment. I’m glad that these people have been able to find jobs. But why can’t these people find jobs in their own country and use their skill sets that they have worked hard for to benefit the economies of their home countries? For every one employed DACA recipient there is an unemployed American trying to make ends meet.

Besides an unemployed American, let us not forget all of the young teenagers that aren’t working summer jobs, because the mundane jobs go to illegal immigrants. Which makes sense, because a company would rather pay low salaries to undocumented immigrants they can exploit. This is why Silicon valley companies virtue signal on DACA – not because they care at all about these people, but because they want to reap more profit at their expense.

Of course despite all the problems DACA has caused for Americans, Trump announced that he will be looking into granting amnesty for the DACA recipients. After spending every single waking second of his campaign attacking amnesty for illegal immigrants, all of a sudden he changes his mind after shooting the breeze with Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The idea that this deal was a compromise for the wall is also just as absurd. I always felt the wall was a left-field idea, considering neither Democrat nor most Republicans would vote for it. I at least thought Trump would fight back against amnesty. However, it seems Trump would rather massage the feet of the establishment and shrug his shoulders.

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    KasiaSep 22, 2017 at 10:18 am

    The DACA actually helps America because individuals under it must pay income taxes but don’t qualify for any sort of federal aide such as Medicare or food stamps. In other words it’s putting money on our bank without using any of them. All DACA individuals came here when they were minors and might have no idea until they are older that they are illegal so they don’t know any country as holme besides America

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DACA hurts Americans