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Top 10: Underrated movies

Top 10 Underrated Movies

It’s hard to understand how someone could not appreciate the magic of a great movie: a gripping plot line, exceptional acting tons of emotion. What’s not to love? However, the following movies seem to have flown under the radar. Since I am a die-hard film fan myself, I find this very upsetting. Perhaps these flicks can still get their much deserved 15 minutes of fame?

  1. Lords of Dogtown

This film is set in Venice, California, and includes a cast of mostly young adult actors. Although the storyline centers on the lives of kids who quickly rise to fame because of their skateboarding talents, it’s surprisingly dark. The movie features alcoholic and abusive parents, drugs, and other somber aspects that have affected the youth community. This being said, these elements shouldn’t discourage you from watching this movie. Actors Emile Hirsch and Heath Ledger are phenomenal, and the viewer is immediately drawn into the complex lives of the characters. Even if you don’t like skateboarding, this is a must-see.

  1. The Prestige

A stellar cast isn’t the only good element of this film. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson star as magicians in the year 1878. With Jackman and Bale as archenemies, Johansson as an assistant, and Caine as a mentor, these magicians battle till the death…literally. This is one of those movies where the dynamic plot twist that occurs at the end leaves you thinking about it for days afterwards.

  1. Man on Fire

Who doesn’t love Denzel Washington? In this action-packed thriller, Washington, a former assassin, rescues a young girl (Dakota Fanning) after she is kidnapped in Mexico City. Since Washington’s job is to protect Fanning and the rest of her family, he feels an intense responsibility to bring her back to safety. If you are squeamish with blood and violence, then this film is probably not for you – it’s an understatement to say that Washington succeeds in seeking vengeance on Fanning’s kidnappers.

  1. Enough

Although Jennifer Lopez doesn’t sing in this film, her acting skills are duly noted. Lopez plays a middle-class wife and mom who suddenly loses her financial stability, place in society and overall dignity because of her abusive husband. She is forced to leave her home, fleeing her violent spouse, and takes her daughter with her. She spends months hiding from her husband, while training to get revenge on the man who wronged her. She becomes stronger (both physically and emotionally) through the process.

  1. The Cider House Rules

Many young adults are probably unaware of this cinematic hit because it was released in 1999, when we were a little too young to appreciate it fully. Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron and Michael Caine come together to star in this tale of love and adventure. Maguire, an orphan raised by a doctor (Caine), eventually sets out to travel the world. He winds up at an apple orchard and cider mill in Maine, where he falls in love with Theron. There’s trouble in paradise when the workers of the orchard are faced with an unspeakable tragedy and Theron and Maguire get swept into the drama.

  1. Troy

This intense and gory film brings us back to Ancient Greece to illustrate the tale of Achilles (Brad Pitt), the Queen of Sparta (Diane Kruger) and the Princes of Troy, Paris (Orlando Bloom), and Hector (Eric Bana). While the Spartans (with the help of a skilled Brad Pitt) and the Trojans battle to the death, Paris and Helena try to keep their love affair under wraps. Almost everyone knows how this iconic Grecian tragedy ends, but the story feels fresh and exciting while watching this outstanding cast act it out.

  1. The Life of David Gale

This movie is guaranteed to make you think about one of life’s biggest controversial issues: the death penalty. Kevin Spacey plays a man who has been sentenced to execution, but the viewers don’t know if he’s guilty of the crime he supposedly committed. Kate Winslet plays a reporter who’s trying to get to the bottom of Spacey’s story before it’s too late. This film is unbelievably gripping and suspenseful.

  1. Law Abiding Citizen

This flick received some, but not nearly enough, praise for its creative concept and superb acting. After both his wife and daughter are abused and killed during a home break-in, Gerard Butler takes on the role of an angry man seeking justice for his family. He is inevitably jailed for his avenging acts, and proceeds to wreak havoc from inside a jail cell. Jamie Foxx, who plays an assistant district attorney assigned to Butler’s case, gets tangled up in Butler’s web of destruction.

  1. Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama takes place in, believe it or not, Alabama! Reese Witherspoon plays a successful fashion designer who usually resides in New York, but has returned home to Alabama to finalize a divorce (with country boy Josh Lucas) before marrying another man, a fancy socialite (Patrick Dempsey). While Witherspoon dreads returning to her hometown, she ends up falling in love with both Alabama and her first husband all over again, thus throwing a serious wrench in her plans

10. Ever After

This is a classic Cinderella story, with Drew Barrymore playing a captivating Cinderella (who goes, instead, by the name of Danielle) during the 1500s. Anjelica Huston acts as Barrymore’s wicked stepmother who, as it is well known, makes Barrymore’s life absolute misery until she finds a way to escape. This film takes a different approach to telling the iconic Cinderella story, and it is certainly worth taking the time to watch.

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Top 10: Underrated movies