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BSA Fashion Show Sparkles and Shines


DSC_2795On Friday, March 28, I attended the 16th Annual Black Student Association (BSA) Fashion Show, perfectly titled Poise.  As a first year, the whole experience was new to me. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know whether students made the clothes or whether stores and boutiques supplied them.

Arriving at Reitz Arena, I saw lots of fabulously dressed Loyola students and families of the models.  Parents of the models took up most of the coveted front row, with lots of fellow peers scattered throughout the audience. Girls in their cutest, fashion forward outfits and their sky-high heels were all there to show their support for their friends.  The runway, set up in a geometric W shape was a unique element that allowed the audience to really absorb the outfits.  The show started on a high note with Jordan and Joelle Hernandez ,or as they call themselves, a “Double Dose of Entertainment”, and that is certainly what we got.  They set the tone perfectly for the rest of the show.  Jordan and Joelle were energetic, eloquent and most importantly got the crowd pumped up for the show.  Needless to say, the show did not disappoint.  From the clothes that were supplied from all local stores, to the music and the models, everything was exciting, entertaining and  different than any typical fashion show.

Looking at the names of the models, I was excited to see names that I knew, such as my RA, Patrick Barthelemy, and Christin Campbell, a senior who went to my high school . I was thrilled to have friends that I could cheer on, and of course, they killed it on the runway.  The show was broken into four scenes.  Each of the segments not only had a store that supplied the clothes, but a title and theme.  The scenes were titled Unseen, Around the World, The Last Call, and Strange Fruit, inspired by the Billie Holiday song.  When the segments were put together, they created a story of sorts.  The scenes kept you engaged and anticipating what was next.

DSC_2578The show opened on a hip-hopping note to Beyoncé’s “Yonce”.  Every model was on point and they walked powerfully even in their four inch heels.  Each scene had a group of about 15 models.  Each model had their own signature walk, and way of demanding attention on the runway.  The models knew what a strong pose was for the end of the runway,  from dipping low to extending their arms above their head, the lines created by their bodies varied.   They knew how to draw attention not only to themselves, but also to the clothes they were wearing, including Delia’s Inc., The Gap, and Men’s Warehouse

Unlike any other typical fashion show, the models walked out in groups.  The audience loved the boys in the show, who  were cool and composed under all the pressure and screaming from the girls in the audience.

From dresses, to jumpsuits, to skirts, every type of outfit was shown and represented.  In scene two, Around the World, the models walked out wearing all black and white, and to finish the look, Billie Jean Bowties & Designs.  Not just any ordinary bowties, but big and colorful ones. that were an unexpected touch of fashion. The clothes were unique, but always outfits that Loyola students would want to wear.  From bright pink pants, a tank top, and a floral scarf, to a pair of highwaisted jean shorts with a Beatles tank, to a geometric maxi dress.  The outfits ranged from preppy to indie rocker, to a more glam look at the end.

I am a fashion lover, and enjoy high fashion couture runway shows.  However, the best part about going to see the BSA Fashion Show is that you are seeing real people, and people that you see walking around campus on a daily basis.  They aren’t Karlie Kloss or Cara Delevingne, but that is what is so special about the show. The BSA Fashion Show is the perfect balance of serious fashion and attitude, while still being fun and relatable for their fellow Loyola students who want to be entertained.  Nia Beckett and Kemi Ajenifuja were the perfect team of directors. They clearly know each other inside and out, and when they got on that stage, the audience could feel all the love and hard work that the two seniors put into the show for the past five months.  Those five months of hard work paid off in the two hour show.

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BSA Fashion Show Sparkles and Shines