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“My Policeman”: Harry Styles’ Newest Film is a Profound and Deeply Moving Romance


DISCLAIMER: This review contains spoilers.

Harry Styles fans and casual moviegoers alike have been eagerly awaiting the release of “My Policeman,” a film based on the book of the same name released in 2012 by Bethan Roberts, which premiered in theaters on Oct. 21. The film takes place in Brighton, England during two time periods – the late 1950s and present day – and follows Tom, a policeman played by Styles, who marries Marion, played by Emma Corrin, but is having a secret affair with David Dawson’s character Patrick, an art museum curator. 

At the start of the film, an older Patrick comes to live with Tom and Marion after suffering from a stroke, and his presence brings back memories for all three of them. The story is told non-linearly, jumping back and forth between time periods, as more is revealed about their love triangle. 

Many people decided to watch the movie solely because of Styles’ role. However, the film is affecting people beyond the fact that their favorite singer is the lead. Angela Tierney ‘25 left the theater with a completely different mindset than she went in with.

“I honestly had no idea what to expect with the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised,” Tierney said. “Harry’s acting was a little stiff at the beginning, but it got a lot better and the story was so good that the movie was much bigger than just his acting.”

The film was by no means a heartwarming or happy romance. It dove into the harsh realities of being gay in the 1950s, where gay men were often ridiculed, beaten, and arrested. Towards the end of the film, Patrick is arrested due to an anonymous tip. We later find out it came from Marion, after learning about her husband’s affair. 

“It was really hard to watch the scenes where Patrick was put on trial or beaten just for being gay, and it’s even harder when you know that that stuff happened in real life not that long ago,” Tierney said. 

The movie itself was beautiful. Its storytelling, cinematography, soundtrack, and acting have all garnered great reviews from critics and the general public, and Styles’ versatility in his acting roles is impressive.

“Harry plays such a different character in this movie versus the one he played in ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ and I think he did a good job in both,” Maura Chaney ‘25 said.

The film ends in the present day, when Marion decides to leave so that Tom and Patrick can live the life they have always wanted together, despite not knowing how much longer Patrick has left to live. Viewers found it a beautiful finish to the movie, especially after seeing everything Tom and Patrick went through during their younger years. 

“I thought it was a sweet ending, and almost everyone in the theater was sobbing,” Chaney said. “I think I was expecting a sadder ending, so I didn’t cry, but I can see how it would be emotional.”

The film is already being looked at as an Oscar contender for the story and the acting, specifically by Dawson. It does a spectacular job of immersing the audience in the story and allowing them to empathize with each of the characters for different reasons. 

“My Policeman” is now available in theaters and will be released on Amazon Prime Video on Nov. 4. 

Featured Image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

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