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Top 10: Fictional products you wish were real

We all have creative ideas for products that would make life much easier and more manageable. Some ideas are huge and could change the course of our society; others are much simpler and would just make daily life that much better. Sometimes we see products in books, movies or television and we wish that they were real because we feel that they would make our lives so much better.

1-GPS Teleporter 

Transportation plays a huge role in a person’s day-to-day life. We spend a large amount of our lifetime commuting for obligations. We have to set aside time in our day to account for travel time to get to and from wherever we go, and it adds up over time. So why not invest in something that could get you wherever you want to go in a blink of an eye? It would save you immense amounts of time commuting, but also take you wherever your heart desires to travel.

2-Time-stopping watch

Imagine the essence of time being able to be controlled on your wrist. A small, undistinguishable watch that can stop and start time whenever you want it to. Feel like being lazy and don’t want to go to class? Why not just stop the time and take a nap to reenergize! Then when you’re ready, just make your way over to class.

3-A Light-saber

A beam of light that can cut through anything, made famous by the greatest science-fiction movie series of all time, Star Wars. What more does anyone want?

4-Marty McFly’s Hoverboard from Back to The Future part III

The ultimate thrill seeker’s biggest desire. Combining the pleasure of snowboarding and skateboarding into something beautifully different. The smoothness from snowboarding merged with the accessibility of skateboarding. Going somewhere in a hurry has never sounded so fun.

5-Krabby Patties

You know, that delicious looking, under-sea burger made on our generation’s favorite cartoon show? Even today, when I watch the show, I wonder to myself, “What would a Krabby Patty taste like?” I think our beloved chef, SpongeBob, would be able to cook up a good patty.

6-A magic wand

Imported directly from the school of Hogwarts, lead producer in all things magical and witch-like. You could even customize your wand to however you like. It doesn’t choose its owner, in this case; we would choose it. One could learn the spells and become more awesome by the day.

7-The Neralyzer from Men in Black

You would have the ability to make people forget recent memories—not everything, but just the stuff you don’t want them to remember. The embarrassing fall down the stairs you just had? No problem, easy fix. All one must do is pull out the Neralyzer and flash, everything will be just fine.

8-Tony Stark’s Iron-man suit

A custom-fit suit with everything you could ever imagine. You would have the built-in side-kick named Jarvis to help you with whatever you need, along with super strength and the ability to fly. Let’s be honest, what couldn’t you do with it?

9-Green Lantern’s ring

Although the Green Lantern is an often-overlooked superhero, his ring has some pretty awesome perks: being able to become a superhero with something as simple as a ring. You could make anything you want into reality with a simple thought, as the ring is a conduit for the formation of the green light.

10-Anti-aging cream

The fountain of youth, nothing like what the cosmetic brands sell today. This stuff would be the real deal. You would magically look better as you get older. Choose an age and stay that age, or maybe age a little bit, it’s all up to you. You wouldn’t be fazed by the effects of time.

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Top 10: Fictional products you wish were real