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Top 10: TV characters you wish were your neighbors


1-The Gang from New Girl

Although they might be a bit dysfunctional, this New Girl and her three roommates would make for excellent neighbors. Befriend them and you’d get free drinks at Nick’s bar, excellent advice (if unsolicited) on quality suits from Schmidt and could have puzzle parties with Winston (just don’t make fun of his inability to locate a corner piece.) Jess would totally be down to make weekend trips to buy quirky furniture and fun sweaters, and I’m sure she’d give the best hair tips. Stop by their place at night for a game of True American, their wacky-wild drinking game (seriously, Google it.)

2-Mindy from The Mindy Project

Anyone who refers to herself as “Beyoncé Pad-Thai” is someone who would be easy to be friends with. Mindy is the perfect mix of funny, smart, self-deprecating and down-to-earth. She’d be a great wing-woman and bring some of her cute doctor friends to your housewarming party. Girl has a great closet and she could be your real-life Web MD. What more could you want?

3-Monica and Rachel from Friends

If you’re into good, clean, coaster-friendly fun, then Monica’s the perfect neighbor for you. She’d whip up some of her famous salmon mousse and some Nesslay Tullehose cookies (otherwise known as Nestle Tollhouse.) Just be sure you don’t drop any crumbs! Rachel could give you the rundown on the latest fashion, plus score you the friends and family discount at Ralph Lauren. Stop by anytime, their fridge is always open.

4-Chandler and Joey from Friends

If Monica gets on your case about “crumbies” and water rings on the coffee table, you could easily head across the hall for some laid-back fun. Shoot a couple games of foosball with the guys, then kick back with a cold one and The Joey Special (two pizzas) on Rosita, the chair, and watch a couple episodes of Baywatch. These dudes would be the best neighbors – sorry, Ross, but your fossil slides just aren’t that fun in comparison.

5-Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

You’ve seen Carrie’s closet. What more reason do you need to want her as your neighbor? You’d never have to go shopping again – just borrow something from next door: She has an outfit for every occasion you’d ever dream of going to (and more.) She’d welcome you into her circle of friends and take you under her wing as you navigate the world of dating your way through NYC.

6-Shoshanna and Jessa from Girls

This eccentric duo couldn’t be more opposite, though they made for great (if temporary) roommates and would make even better neighbors. When you’re feeling adventurous, worldly Jessa could probably take you to cool (and somewhat questionable) parties. If you’re in the mood to hang out and chat, you could head next door for a gossip session with Shosh, although the fast-talker might not let you get a word in edge-wise.

7-Jules from Cougar Town

It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night: Jules and the Cul-de-sac Crew are always ready for a wine party with Big Tippi (R.I.P Big Carl, Joe and Lou.) Just make sure to get on Ellie’s good side and don’t invite creepy Tom inside.

8-Marshall and Ted from How I Met Your Mother

Before Marvin Wait For It Erikson, before Robin and Barney, before Lily became Mrs. Erikson, and way before he met their mother, Ted and Marshall were the coolest roommates in an equally sweet apartment. You could head over to their place and jam with the guys to “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” a million times.

9-Olivia Pope from Scandal

Olivia seems to work just about around the clock, but in her down time, she would be a pretty cool neighbor to hang out with. If you ever get into trouble, give her a buzz and your issue will be solved in seconds. Plus you might even see her old friend Mr. Prez roaming the hallways of your building – talk about a bonus.

10-Eric Foreman from That 70s Show

The Foreman basement has had its fair share of fun times, and living next door would give you easy access to hang with Eric, Donna, Hyde, Jackie, Kelso and Fez anytime. Although, before you join them in their brand of psychedelic entertainment, be warned: You might just be called a “dumbass” by Red Foreman.

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Top 10: TV characters you wish were your neighbors