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Captain of the Dance Team Makes University History as First Male Dancer

Captain of the Dance Team Makes University History as First Male Dancer

Brett Duffy ‘24 is the first male dancer to join Loyola’s dance team since the founding of the university in 1852. Playing a substantial role in the cultivation of school spirit, the dance team demonstrates its extensive skill set at various school events, sports games, and national competitions.

Duffy was introduced to dancing at around 6 years old and he explained that numerous contributions led to the discovery of his passion. Crediting both his extended family and his own pursuit of the arts, Duffy began to take lessons that taught him additional skills that he now showcases on the court.

Though there were initial apprehensions, Duffy placed further emphasis on the significance of community and how having a family dynamic encouraged his decision to join the team. During the COVID-19 pandemic and his senior year of high school, his dancing was placed on hiatus as the whole world came to a halt. 

However, after reaching out to dance team members before his enrollment at Loyola, he clarifies that “making it [his] freshman year was kind of a keystone to what would happen in the future.” He says how beneficial the dance team has been regarding his growth as an individual, explaining how being in a community like the dance team has contributed to the learning of life lessons and prompted personal growth. 

“It’s definitely a great community joining,” Duffy said. “I feel that it’s taught me a lot of qualities in life that are important and that I can continue going through in the future.” Although Duffy has expressed his love for the team, he discloses how it has affected other areas of his life. 

“I would say that my whole life, dance as a male has been very interesting,” he said. “It always comes with judgments and other accusations in my life.” Duffy continues to express further gratitude and voices which aspects are most rewarding.

“I think just being grateful for being able to dance because there are so many people in this world that can’t do certain things, and have such limitations,” he said. “Just being able to do what I love is already a rewarding experience.”

Brett Duffy made history within Loyola as the first male dancer, and captain later in his career, and has continued to pave the way throughout his time here. The dance team sets the standard for everyone to follow as they embody school spirit and constantly contribute to the dynamic within Loyola’s community. However, he voices some aspirations regarding the future of the dance team.

“More diversity, as far as inclusion and more male members on the team and because we’re already involved, more of the competitive aspect,” Duffy said. “I’m used to competing at the highest level with nationals, but I would like to see more consistent growth year after year.”

The Loyola University Dance team can be seen as the manifestation of pride on the Evergreen campus as they constantly encourage school spirit within the student body, thanks to trailblazing dancers like Duffy.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Gary Inen.

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Captain of the Dance Team Makes University History as First Male Dancer