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College Students Find Inspiration in the New “Kick the Sheets” Movement

College Students Find Inspiration in the New “Kick the Sheets” Movement

Content creator Brad Kraut has taken the internet by storm with his “Kick the Sheets” brand, inspiring followers to attack their days in a productive manner. 

Kraut, a senior at Penn State, originally gained popularity by taking a video of himself arriving to a class lecture early and sitting in the front row, referring to himself as “an absolute academic weapon.” The videos went viral on TikTok, amassing over six million views and inspiring others to create similar content. 

To Kraut, it’s more than content, it’s a healthy and productive lifestyle he hopes people will buy into. 

Kraut said, “Kick the Sheets is a mindset. The average person wakes up and scrolls their phone, contemplating getting out of bed. Kick the Sheets means you instantly get out of bed to set the tone for your day, start your day with a purpose.”

The comedic, yet motivational, videos have resonated well with students on social media. 

Nick Vanasse ‘23 said, “My roommates and I started saying Kick the Sheets to each other as a joke at night but I think we’ve all actually been getting up earlier and going to all our classes as a result. We say it in a joking way but it actually holds each other accountable.”

At the end of the day, Kraut’s main goal is to motivate others to create change in their routine lives and work towards their goals each and every day. 

In a video on Instagram Kraut said, “If I can have a positive influence on people, that is what is fulfilling to me. It’s heartwarming to see the impact I can have.” 

Jacob Milton ‘23 said, “I sat in the front row of my lecture to take a similar video for my friends, but at the end of the day I was in the front and paying more attention than usual.”

TikTok videos with #KicktheSheets in the description have over 30 million total views, becoming a big trend on TikTok throughout the fall. 

Even students who don’t follow Kraut on social media know of Kraut and his brand.

Luke Thibeault ‘23 said, “I haven’t really seen that much of him but I’ve heard my friend call himself an academic weapon.”

Kraut has been very vocal about his plans for his Kick the Sheets brand. He recently dropped clothing and other merchandise sporting his brand name and hopes to expand even more upon graduating college. 


Featured Image courtesy of Eli Falconer. 

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College Students Find Inspiration in the New “Kick the Sheets” Movement