Wicked City: ABC’s Brand New Hit Series




Greg Hernandez Photo, Courtesy of Flickr
Greg Hernandez Photo, Courtesy of Flickr

ABC’s newest Tuesday night addition is a show that is guaranteed to leave your heart pounding and your mind racing. With its pilot episode airing on Oct. 27, “Wicked City” has changed the face of the network, filling it with a different kind of mystery, suspense and drama. The crime series chronicles the life of a young couple, Kent Galloway (Ed Westwick) and Betty Beaumontaine (Erika Christensen), during the 80s in the crime capital of the country at the time, Los Angeles. The partners in crime are being hunted down by the LAPD duo Jack Roth (Jeremy Sisto) and Paco Contreras (Gabriel Luna).

The killing rampage begins when Kent picks up various women at the Whiskey a Go-Go nightclub. Before leaving, he calls the local radio station and dedicates a song to the girl of the night. After some laughter and drinks, Kent drives the victim away to an isolated place just in time for the song request to air, and as it plays, Kent mercilessly decapitates her. He catches the attention of the LAPD after leaving one particular victim, Emily Fuentes, in a graveyard that was the same place the Sunset Stranglers, a notorious killer group, had left its victims.

On the first night of his series of murders, Kent encounters a young, aspiring journalist, Karen McClaren (Taissa Farmiga), whom he offers backstage access to the concerts at the Whiskey in order to give her a leg up at her job. Eager for a good story, Karen immediately accepts the offer and gives him her number. A few days later, after receiving a phone call about a new development in the Emily Fuentes case, Karen and her boss sneak into the crime scene by climbing through a window, landing themselves in the very apartment where Emily’s decapitated head was found in a box. When Karen confesses to Jack that she saw Emily the night she was killed, he decides to team up with her in order to catch the murderer.

While out on the prowl, Kent preys on Betty, a single mom and nurse at a local hospital, and begins to carry out his systematic murder plan. But after discovering that she has children, Kent decides to spare Betty her life. Kent soon finds himself falling in love with her and proposes to take her under his wing, ultimately making her his partner in crime.

With so many unanswered questions, “Wicked City” leaves us at the edge of our seats every week wanting more. How much havoc will Kent and Betty wreak on the Sunset Strip until they are caught? What traumatic pasts have caused them to commit such awful and gruesome crimes? Will Karen’s life be put in danger by helping Jack for the sake of her professional career? Tune in to ABC every Tuesday night at 10/9C to find out.

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