“Grandfathered” TV Review

Avatar-GrandfatheredJohn Stamos is coming back to primetime television starring in the new sitcom, “Grandfathered” on Fox. But, the star power doesn’t stop there: the new show also stars Josh Peck and Christina Milian. If that isn’t enough for you, Bob Saget has signed on to be a series regular and Dave Coulier is set to make a cameo this season as well. While the celebrity-filled cast is enough to draw any viewer in, the show makes sure to capture its audience in the pilot with a storyline that entertains, but also highlights family values along the way.

Jimmy Martino (Stamos) is a middle-aged bachelor with no vision of slowing down. He owns a very popular restaurant in town, and is constantly surrounded by models, celebrities and other successful individuals. One day, all of that is flipped upside down when Gerald (Peck) walks into the restaurant to break the news that he is Jimmy’s son. Not only is Jimmy blindsided by the information of being a father, but Gerald brings to his attention that he has a daughter, making Jimmy a grandfather. While Jimmy is not receptive to the idea at first, he quickly comes around and agrees to get to know Gerald. After 26 years, Gerald reveals he needs Jimmy’s help, not with being a father, but with winning over Vanessa (Milian) who is the mother of his child. While Gerald is currently “friend-zoned,” he wants to take the relationship with his child’s mother to the next level. Along the way, we see that feelings are still prevalent in the relationship between Jimmy and Gerald’s mom, Sara (Paget Brewster). The show follows Jimmy as he adjusts from a confirmed bachelor to a grandfather and all of the responsibilities that come with his new role.

“Grandfathered” follows the trend of many shows today because it’s working to redefine what it means to be a family. In modern day, there are so many variations that there is no standard norm for a family. The show has a light-hearted feel and fills each episode with moments that will guarantee a laugh given the stark contrast between Jimmy’s bachelor ways and Gerald’s nerdy tendencies. However, the show has a silver lining in explaining what it means to be a part of a family and the love that is rooted in each relationship regardless of the past.