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Game of Thrones fan anxiously waiting for winter

As a newly introduced fan, season four of Game of Thrones was meaty, captivating and utterly intriguing. With over nine months between seasons, I find myself experiencing withdrawal symptoms, more so than I have felt from any other great television series. I am counting down the days until the treachery, conspiracies and struggle for power of the Seven Kingdoms returns.

As the end of season three settled in everyone’s minds, we were reminded that nothing stays the same for long, and to never become attached to a character. No one is safe and nothing is off limits after the betrayal in Riverrun. With that in the forefront of  the audiences’ minds, season four came roaring to life with the fateful destruction of Ned Stark’s sword. That action, in a sense, sealed his death and affirmed the new reign of Joffrey.

Joffrey’s reign was cruel and short-lived, and I don’t think any of us were disappointed with his death at the royal wedding. His death, though good for the kingdom in general, did nothing to change power. Tywin still controls everything, even as he prepares Tommen to be a fitting king. The Tyrells are now in a precarious position, should they continue their quest to come to power, or give up? That decision is now up to Margaery Tyrell, as she tries to put her claws into Tommen.

Meanwhile, events heated up in the north. Bran and Rickon finally reached the elusive three eyed raven, though they lost Jojen. The meeting was somewhat anticlimactic, but it’s not the end of their journey, and I feel there is much left to be told with this story. Castle Black and the Wildling army finally met. The Castle was attacked from both sides, but the Nights Watch held out long enough to discover some unlikely friends have come to their rescue as Stannis and Davos show up with their newly formed army. Out of all the stories going on in the show heading into season five, I think this shows the most promise for change. Something tells me Stannis will form an alliance with the Wildling army, allowing them passage south as long as they fight for him in Kings Landing.

Across the narrow sea, Daenarys garnered more and more power. Now that she declared herself queen of Slavers Bay, how long will it be until she makes her way to Kings Landing? The only variable I see that can come into play to ruin her chance is whether or not she will be able to control her dragons. Conflict is inevitable between them, but will her seat on the throne be compromised if it arises?

The show is in constant turmoil, with betrayals, murders and the struggle for power. I can’t wait for season five and what it will hold.  The most intriguing element is the coming development of the White Walkers and the Wildling army, but there’s also the continuing stories of Tyrion and Arya which will hopefully bring justice to Kings Landing for what has been done to them. Season five cannot come fast enough, and I’m sure every fan of Game of Thrones is waiting, impatiently…

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Game of Thrones fan anxiously waiting for winter