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Women’s Track Athletes Find Stability and Success in a Competitive Spring Season

Tim Weight

From New York City to Ohio, the track team has gotten their fair share of traveling in this spring season. Though so much travel may seem overwhelming at the beginning of a new semester, running has not deterred the athletes from succeeding academically. 

Both the Men’s and Women’s teams were named 2023 All-Academic Teams last season, with 21 athletes between the two programs making the Dean’s List. Our track athletes are living proof that it is possible to excel both academically and athletically. Jamie Adams ‘26 and Mackenzie Newman ‘27 met to discuss their methods of keeping on top of their assignments and the importance of staying in touch with professors. 

Newman said, “It’s a lot of time management and staying organized and communicating with my teachers always to let them know when I’m out or need extensions on things. They usually are pretty understanding with that stuff as long as I talk to them, and they know I have other commitments. It makes it pretty easy to manage everything.”

Adams chimed in to share her strategy of making sure she gets her assignments done. She talked about how she sets deadlines for herself so that when she returns from meets, she can have extra time to accomplish any other things she needs to do.  

She said, “I just know that if I have a meet on Friday, then all the work I have needs to be done before I leave for that meet.” 

 Their methods of time management certainly paid off. In addition to performing well academically, the athletes performed very well at their meets. Adams has continued her record-breaking streak from her first year to include her most recent record in the indoor 400-meter event. Adams became the first woman in Loyola history to run under 57 seconds in the event, with her time of 56.30. 

She said,  “It just makes me feel really good. Half of those times were my own personal best, and it shows me that I just want to keep beating my personal best and doing the best that I can. I just love it, knowing that I can get to that point and say like, ‘Hey, I broke a school record’, ‘Hey, I’m [beating my personal records] and I’m doing so well.’” 

These past successes have only motivated her to keep pushing. 

She added, “I know I’m not done yet. I know in my mind I have a lot more potential, so I feel like that just keeps me motivated.”

No athlete can succeed on their own, however. Both athletes make sure to acknowledge the people around them who make their wins possible. Newman refers to many people as being a part of her support system who keep her going when things get hard. 

She said, “A lot of the older girls I feel like are good role models to have. I look up to Kasey and Maeve…I know they’re not seniors but they have a very leading role. Especially Kasey, I feel like she’s a good person to look up to because she has the maturity of being on the team for a while. I always came to her for advice and when I had questions which is really nice to have.”

This sense of community exists throughout the whole program and includes the Men’s team as well. 

Newman said, “The teams get along really well. We’re all friends with each other and we all get along really nicely. It’s nice to come here and have one big team, not just the Men’s team and the Women’s team. We’re all just one which I really like.”

Head Coach Amy Horst and Assistant Coach Emma Gerhold also find it important to foster unity between the two teams. Coach Horst was able to comment on the program dynamic from a coach’s perspective. 

She said, “It is important that our whole program integrates…It’s fun to see them work together and value the strengths that each of them bring. Their curiosity and ability to work together are pieces of the team that I’d highlight.” 

Coach Gerhold applauded the young athletes on their forward-thinking nature, and expressed excitement over their potential. 

She said, “They always have that next thing in mind. Where they are today won’t be where they are in a few years because they have those few years to develop, so we’re excited to see that.”

Coach Horst offered some inspiration for the athletes to keep in mind when things seem to get messy, or they are having trouble finding motivation. 

“Running is the rock to press against. When things are going on and everything is dynamic and moving, sport is consistent, is structured, and is manageable.”

Looking forward, the track team has the Patriot League Indoor Championships coming up in Boston, Massachusetts on Feb. 24.

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