Women’s Track and Field Succeeding as Championships Near

The Loyola University Maryland Women’s Track and Field team has had an ultra-successful spring season, breaking school records both individually and as a team. These include new records in the 4×100-meter relay, 100-meter dash, and 200-meter dash.

At the Hopkins-Loyola Invitational, the team of Lauryn Clarke ’26, Jaime Adams ’26, Taylor McHugh ’23, and Madelyn Ricard ’25, broke a school record for the 4×100 meter dash, running a time of 46.99. This resulted in a win for the Greyhounds, shattering a school record by over a second, which was previously held by this same team earlier in the season at Temple University.

McHugh discussed the accomplishment and said, “To be a part of the school’s record-breaking 4×100 meter relay is truly an honor. As the oldest member of the relay, it’s amazing to see such incredible people with such amazing talent be so confident with the work that’s been put in, trust one another, and put such magic together.”

One person who has been putting a lot of magic together is freshman phenomenon, Jaime Adams. In her first year as a Greyhound, she has set the school record for both the 100 and 200-meter dashes. At the Colonial Relays in late March, Adams became the first woman to break a 12-second 100-meter dash, posting a time of 11.99. She then broke the 200-meter dash record at the Temple Invitational, breaking a 2019 school record and posting a blazing fast time of 25.04. Adams believes that these new records are representative of the magnitude of her capabilities.

“Setting the individual record for the 100 and 200 is a huge accomplishment for me because it’s amazing to see the growth I have made since coming to Loyola,” she said. “I’m also putting my name out there on the board. Whenever I break a school record, it is a reminder to me that I can accomplish so much more.”

Individual and team success is just part of the Loyola Women’s Track and Field experience. For all members of the squad, they can agree that every member of the team is a part of a family trying to make each other better.

“I quickly realized that each person worked hard not only to improve their own performance but to improve and grow with those around them. We’re a very close-knit squad, which comes with a lot of laughs and positive attitudes when we’re together practicing, yet it doesn’t distract us from being serious when it comes to acceleration technique and workouts,” McHugh said.

Head Coach Amy Horst credits her team for their consistent pursuit of betterment on the track.

“I’m really proud of these women for consistently working toward improvement and having a relentless drive to compete with the best,” Horst said. “It can be more comfortable to settle, though that is not part of their mission.”

This team has pushed each other to reach new heights and hopes these can be reached as the Patriot League Championships commence on May 5.

Assistant Coach Emma Gerhold concluded with high aspirations for the future.

“This program has the capacity this year and the years to come to do things that we have never done before and never even believed we could do before,” she said. “Having a championship gives them a glimmer of what it looks like.”