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Cooking with Iggy: Autumn Chicken Pot Pie


Thanksgiving is a chef’s dream holiday, yet an overwhelming one at that; there are so many different ways to prepare everyone’s favorite foods. In all the excitement, it’s also my favorite time of year to step back and prepare a classic comfort food dish with a bit of an autumn spin.  Autumn chicken potpie is a seemingly fancy dish, but takes only minimal effort and makes for a hearty meal on a chilly fall evening.


Basic Pie Crust

·      1 ¼ cups of flour plus more for rolling

·      ½ teaspoon of salt

·      ½ teaspoon of sugar

·      1 stick of cold butter slide into ½ pieces

·      3-5 table spoons of ice cold water, plus more if needed

1.    In a food processor, pulse the flour, sugar and salt together. If you have a smaller food processor, do half and half at a time.

2.    Add the butter. The mixture should resemble a grainy mixture. It’s ok if the butter is still in some clumps. Add the water until the mixture becomes thicker and you can knead it into a ball. Wrap in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to an hour.


Pot Pie Filling

·      Baby Carrots

·      4 Stalks of Celery

·      1 small onion

·      2 Apples

·      1 Small Potato

·      Salt and Pepper

·      A little butter

·      1 can of cream of chicken soup

·      1 can of chicken stock

·      2 small handfuls of flour

·      Fresh Sage (or any other herb you’d like)

·      1 Rotisserie Chicken

·      1 can of chicken gravy

·      1 Egg


1.    Preheat oven to 450.

2.    Dice vegetables into bite size pieces. Toss into a large saucepan with cream of chicken and a little butter over medium heat.

3.    As the vegetables absorb the cream of chicken and butter, begin to pull apart your chicken. Personally, I think the potpie tastes best with both white and dark meat, but you can choose either or both. Toss the chicken into the mix and add some chicken stock.

4.    Season generously with salt and pepper. Julienne the sage and whatever other herbs you want and toss them in.  Add the rest of the chicken stock in and let all absorb.  Stir occasionally.

5.    Take out the piecrust and dust a flat workspace with flour. With a rolling pin, roll out a bottom crust large enough for your pie or casserole tin. Roll out another for the top.

6.    Go back to your filling and add two handfuls of flour and let it absorb into the liquid.  Take pot off the heat and let cool slightly. Once it is cool, pour it into the bottom crust.  Add a layer of chicken gravy and put the top crust over it.

7.    Press the edges into the sides of the dish for a “rustic” pie look. Take the egg and paint over the top crust; you can use a bush or your fingers.

8.    Place in oven for about an hour and 50 minutes or until golden brown.  Let cool and serve with a side of warm chicken gravy.


This recipe isn’t limited to the list of ingredients here. Find whatever you enjoy and toss it all together. It’s easy, simple, creative and makes enough to last you all week (if your roommates don’t gobble it up first!) Happy Eating!

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Cooking with Iggy: Autumn Chicken Pot Pie