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With deadlines piling up and jackets becoming a necessity when leaving your dorm for the day, I think it’s safe to say that it’s officially fall, and the semester is officially in full swing. And while college has always challenged our abilities to keep everything in balance, we at The Greyhound are here to give you a balanced (enough?) take on our highs and lows of last week:

Thumbs Up. Boulder boxes are back! The to-go box ban that was imposed at the beginning of the semester stirred a revolutionary spirit within the student body. After a successful petition with over a thousand signatures and other forms of outcries, to-go boxes are once against available during Boulder’s dinner hours. Students are once again free to take their food out of the dining halls. The ban on walking through without eating has also been lifted, returning Boulder to its state of peace. This week though, students are infuriated by the removal of Dining Supervisor Terry Peele. To bring the beloved Boulder employee back, students held a protest on Monday. With scandal after scandal, will Boulder ever return to its former glory?

Thumbs Down. Morning fire drills. We as college students don’t get enough sleep as it is, and nothing can ruin a morning like the piercing shriek of a fire alarm at 7 a.m. I remember my first fire drill as a college student: barefoot, wet, and sprinting across the Flannery O’Connor lawn as my newly made friends looked at me with pity. And while a kind LoPo officer let me back inside the building, the message is simple: Don’t heat up your mac and cheese without water, people.

Thumbs Up. Senior 250’s. Though the thought of graduation is terrifying for most college seniors and the idea of having to really start “adulting” once we leave the Evergreen campus, the countdown to the big day is surely a whole lot more fun. Last Friday was the first of the 50’s series, a costume parties held every 50 days leading up to graduation. The 250’s theme was duos, trios, and groups, which gave seniors the opportunity to dress up with their friends and create memories with the people they hold the closest. From the full cast of Shrek, the Jersey Shore, Winnie the Pooh, and the Cheetah Girls, our seniors were able to show their creative and fun sides for a night they’ll never forget.

Thumbs Down. The Greyhound office TV hasn’t come in. The Greyhound office has been under some renovation over the summer and into the first few weeks of the semester. The Yearbook Committee has joined our little nook in Bellarmine, and while this means a little less room for our staff members, our new conference table and fancy whiteboard make it a little harder to complain. However, we have been expecting a TV to come in for quite some time now, and though we’ve been promised that it would be delivered in time for our staff training that was held last Sunday, the — inch screen was nowhere to be find. Where you at, Tech Services??

Update: As of Wednesday, our TV has now been installed and we couldn’t be happier. Huge thanks to IT and Event Services, especially Event Services and Off-Campus Centers Director Joe Bradley. Apple TV, here we come!

Thumbs Up. Activities Fair finally happened. Two push backs, one rainstorm, and hundreds of frustrated club and organization leaders later, the Activities Fair was finally held last Thursday. The Greyhound gave the event their all, with News Editor Stefan Joyce ’20 and Social Media Editor Matty Brown ’20 performing a skip that featured their own rendition on Drake’s “In My Feelings.” More than 20 people showed up to our staff training and more people saying that they want to write for us, we are more than excited for the rest of the semester and the voices that will be joining us. The ball is officially rolling, folks!

Thumbs Down. Rodlyn didn’t play Earth Wind and Fire’s “September” last Friday. 

If you’re a lover of puns like me, then missing the opportunity to blast Earth Wind and Fire’s “September” on the 21st is a big loss. As a true staple of American pop culture, this 70’s hit has seen itself evolve over the years and has yet to lose its…fire (Not even a pity laugh? Okay). Even with failed attempts at covering the song by today’s biggest artists (*cough cough Taylor Swift*), the original Afro punk beat is very much still in style. I’m marking my calendar now to make sure that I don’t miss out on this geeky holiday next year. Fingers crossed that I don’t do the same thing on Oct. 3rd. Don’t forget to wear pink!!!

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