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National: Trump and North Korea Summit.

On June 12, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met in Singapore for a summit to discuss denuclearization in North Korea. It was the first summit meeting between an American president and a leader of North Korea. At the summit, Trump and Un signed a joint declaration that both countries will work toward denuclearization and peace in North Korea.

The joint declaration was vague and did not give a timeline as to when Un will dismantle his nuclear arsenal. In addition, during the summit there was no mention of addressing the human rights violations that have been occurring in North Korea.

Trump has acknowledged that nuclear disarmament will take a long time and has stated that other meetings will take place. Recently, Trump has decided to cancel Mike Pompeo’s meeting with North Korea. Trump claims that Pompeo will go to North Korea in the near future once the trade talks with China have been solved.

It is too early to celebrate or to admit defeat in North Korea. Most peace deals take years and sometimes even decades to transpire. As long as both sides continue to stay open to discussion, talks of peace could eventually effect change in the Korean peninsula.

Baltimore: Seeking solutions for homelessness in Baltimore City

As Loyola students are preparing to return to campus,they bring with them high hopes for the fall semester. While many students are looking forward to moving into their new dorm with their friends, we’re faced with the staunch reality that just a few blocks away there are people in Baltimore who have no home to go to.  According to the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, approximately 2,669 men, women, and children in Baltimore are homeless on any given night.

Click here to read Opinions editor Daniel Ostmann’s ’19 suggestions on how Loyola students can engage more fully in this social issue.

Loyola: Loyola to start a new tradition with rumored homecoming this fall

There have been several rumors that Loyola University is planning on having a homecoming this fall. As a school without a football team, this seems like an interesting proposal from the university if it is to take place.

As a college without a football team, it seems as though we miss out on all of the extravagant activities in which many larger universities indulge. Having a  homecoming event seems like the perfect opportunity for Loyola to start a new tradition that will hopefully incite more school pride and create a stronger bond between current students and alumni.


Feature Image: Marc Wathieu Photo, Courtesy of Flickr

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What You Missed: The Greyhound Opinions in Review