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Thumbs 11/12/13

Thumbs up to the glorious nacho bar at 200s because it was the first time I have ever actually gotten food at a Loyola event that promised free refreshments, since everyone usually descends vulture-like upon anything free within the first five minutes of the event. It was completely worth greeting friends all night with dried cheese all over my face—as a wise friend recently texted me, if you can’t handle me at my Miley you don’t deserve me at my Beyonce.

Thumbs up to Relay Kickoff because it forced me to face the impending consequences of the promise I made to donate all of my hair at Relay and thus gave me license to go full YOLO and be convinced to dye it as my last hurrah to having hair that goes past my ears. Also thumbs up because tortellini.

Thumbs up to the recent Wells wine sale, not because of wine but because it drew a group of Girl Scouts who were, granted, a little freaked out by our pure joy at seeing cookies and because now I can happily eat Samoas and Thin Mints until I can’t move.

Thumbs down to not being able to walk through Boulder now that “cold” weather is setting in. I propose a flash mob of students “slipping on ice” on the path between the Student Center and Geppi-Aikens so that the administration has no choice but to open up a path through Boulder for those of us who don’t want to pay $11 to avoid frostbite.

Thumbs down to two “free” drinks being included in the cost of a 200s ticket like they were for 250s. Thank you, however, to whoever dropped random drink tickets around the floor of Maguire—probably thought nobody would be unhygienic enough to crawl around picking those up, but you underestimate me. I am also the proud new owner of a Snoopy stuffed animal, though, (thanks to a member of the Beanie Baby Gang) which helped mend my heart after being told I wouldn’t get free alcohol.

Thumbs down to walking out of a 4:30 class to complete darkness. A sun lamp is really not in my budget right now and I have no other way to fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D., the most appropriate acronym ever) besides getting up earlier to see more sunlight and I have (in my sleep) cursed out my own mother to get a few more minutes in bed so that option is highly unlikely.

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Thumbs 11/12/13