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Halsey inspires with Women’s March poem


In celebration of the one year anniversary of the Women’s March, on Jan. 20 the streets of dozens of cities from coast to coast were filled with marches rallying around the same causes. People of all backgrounds joined together with their homemade signs and called for a variety of women’s rights, such as ending sexual harassment, achieving gender equality in the workplace, and motivating others to join the movement. It was a day of celebration and pride, that exemplified how women are a part of a larger community who are strongest when they are united.

During New York City’s march, 23-year-old singer Halsey recited an original five-minute free verse poem entitled “A Story Like Mine.” Halsey used the poem to recall a series of traumatic events—including sexual assaults—that molded her into the person she is, while also stringing along ideas of hope and encouragement  of women’s self-worth and power in their lives.

The detailed, honest, and direct nature of the poem are off-putting to some. The words paint a vivid picture for the audience and the topic is heavy. Yet in this moment, Halsey was able to remove her filter in an attempt to navigate the often “messy” topic of sexual assault with ease. She expertly balanced the ideas of telling her truth while conveying an idea of solidarity among women, saying that, “We, as women, can fight this war.”

Here at Loyola, Mosaic is an organization created for women of color to have a sort of home that cultivates feminism here on campus. The organization just finished a week-long event dedicated to promoting self-love and care for women on Loyola’s campus—which mirrors some of the goals of the women’s marches.

“I value the thoughtful inclusion of Halsey [in the march regarding] her acknowledgement of violence against women and those who identify as women,” Clarissa Gonzales ’18, the Elham Elder of Mosaic, said. “Her poem is carefully constructed and the final product is a message so powerful it echoes.”

Mosaic Vice President and Foli Village Elder Corri Waters ’18 said that Halsey’s message “brought up the topics of unchecked power and questioned the reinforcing cycle our society has created. [Her work inspires] women to share stories and know they are not alone.”

It is inspiring to see a star such as Halsey get up in front of the world and take a stand, and it’s encouraging to know that young women throughout our campus, in Mosaic and otherwise, are fighting to encourage girls. There is an overall message of strength and power in Halsey’s “A Story Like Mine,” and the overwhelming positive response that it received means the gates have been opened for so many more to share their stories.

Feature Image: Courtesy of NME

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Halsey inspires with Women’s March poem