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Advice to My Freshman Self

Advice to My Freshman Self

 Really focus on your school work:

This falls into the “work hard, play hard” mentality. I look back at my freshman year, and kick myself in the head for not caring enough about school work.

That English 101 Class? Actually read the books, it’s a lot easier than trying to understand the Spark Notes synopsis. Numbers in the Real World? Some of this course material will actually come in handy sometimes. I wish I remembered the algorithm for easily calculating tips!

Save yourself a lot of stress and just do your work. Be sure to put full effort into it.

The weekends are for fun. But get stuff done first.

Knock out core classes BEFORE choosing your major

You think you know what you want to major or minor in? Don’t take major-specific courses until you are 100% positive that is what you want to study. Freshman year, I thought I was going to be a music minor. I took two music theory classes that kicked my butt. Sophomore year, I switched to a studio arts minor.

Which put me behind by 6 credits.

Focus on knocking out core curriculum classes. Get them out of the way while you can, or else you will be stuck taking your math/science core senior year like I am *sobs*.

Dont try so hard

Freshman year, I’d wake up, spend an hour on makeup, straighten my hair, and walk around campus in uncomfortable shoes.

Let’s be honest: no one cares what you look like, except for you.

Save the glam look for going out. I could have spent another hour or so sleeping if I didn’t care so much about how I looked for class.

Sleep > Appearances.

Start building your resume

My resume freshman year was borderline pathetic. I had hardly any work experience, and hardly any contacts. Now is the time to start building your resume. Do some volunteering, CCSJ has tons of service groups and opportunities for you to participate in. Start looking for internships, you can even find remote ones.

Do everything you can to start building up a powerful resume.

Start saving money for study abroad

Are you 100% totally and completely positive you want to study abroad junior year? I was. That’s why I should have started saving money freshman year. The more spending money you have abroad, the more opportunities you will have to travel and experience the destination to its fullest capacity.

Visit the Career Center

Even though my Messina always preached about the Career Center and why we should visit it, I never went. I finally paid a visit to the Career Center my junior year, right before leaving for abroad. That one visit helped tremendously.

You should especially go if you are undecided about your major, like I was as a freshman. They will help you narrow down your options, and really help you decide on a major that best suits you.

Take advantage of services like this on campus. These workers are here to help Loyola students. Get help, ask for advice, and take advantage of Loyola’s facilities while you can.

Dont stress over the little things

Did you get a C on your first quiz? Are your friends in some bogus fight that they’ll get over in a few days? Boy drama? As the saying goes, don’t sweat the small stuff. Stressing out too much, especially over minor things is bad for your mind and health.

Avoid the anxiety, and try not to stress out over the little things.

ENJOY dorm life

You are in COLLEGE! You’re getting a taste of adult life! Sure, living in the dorms may make you feel uneasy at first. You’ll be living with a virtual stranger, surrounded by hundreds of other students, and sharing a communal bathroom. But you should ENJOY it! My best memories living on campus come from freshman year with the Hammerman “Ham Fam”. Living in freshman dorms are a BLAST because your friends will always be just a few doors down from you!

Have fun, make memories, and enjoy college life.

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