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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down 9/25/17

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down 9/25/17

With three weeks of the semester down already, be sure to remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint. We still have plenty more to go!

Here’s what The Greyhound editors talked about this week:

Thumbs down to the excessive fire alarms in Campion Towers this past week, which from the accounts I’ve heard seem to have numbered in the hundreds (insert sarcastic tone here). Rumors spread that there was a room on fire, and from what bystanders noticed you could forgive them for thinking that. Turns out that room wasn’t on fire, and the combination of a fan blowing the shades with the backlight of a bright lamp kept the illusion going. This year’s St. Ignatius Award for Excellence in Interior Design goes to the occupants of that room. Please come by The Greyhound office next to WLOY this week for your award of a firm handshake and moderate praise from yours truly.

Speaking of fire alarms, additional thumbs down to the situation in Boulder for their fire alarm scare that prompted rumor after rumor, a shutdown of the eatery for some time, and The Greyhound going out of our way to spread what actually happened (which you can read about here). Spoiler alert, there was no fire, but someone must’ve pulled the fire alarm (intentionally or accidentally) causing the sprinkler system to activate. Be aware, criminal scum, that I will personally bring you to justice for mildly inconveniencing my lunch for that day.

Thumbs up to the new class of freshman Student Government Association Senators who were announced to have won the elections on Friday! Thanks for doing your part in keeping Loyola awesome!

Thumbs up to last week’s poster sale in front of McManus Theater as well. As a fellow basic Loyola student, I, like all of you, plaster my walls floor to ceiling with the cheesiest posters you can imagine and I love nothing more than showing them off. Yes, I’m looking at you, pirate flag that says “Time flies when you’re having Rum” I proudly have hanging in my living room.

Thumbs down to the heat wave we’re experiencing at the beginning of fall, which has me wondering whether the inevitable heat death of the universe is happening much earlier than expected. Listen Mother Nature, I packed about three t-shirts and a few pairs of shorts this year, so you better start cooling off so I can break out the sweaters and flannels I love so dearly and pretend that I own a semi-decent wardrobe.

Thumbs up to two very awesome events from the last two weeks, the Baltimore Book Festival which featured Loyola students and alumni receiving awards and the Baltimore Ceasefire founders giving a lecture about their movement. Stay tuned for The Greyhound’s coverage of the Baltimore Book Festival!!

Thumbs down to a major Charles Village landmark being shut down for good. Yes, I am of course talking about the beloved (or hated depending on who you ask) PJ’s Pub, which was recently closed down. Our very own faculty advisor Dr. Kevin Atticks remembers PJ’s fondly as the place where he had his very first beer n’ wings combo. Please pay your respects to PJ’s by recognizing a moment of silence the next time you pass by their old location, on your way to Maxie’s Pizza and Bar, of course.

Thumbs up to the brand new and beautiful G NEWS laptop stickers! You might’ve seen them around, especially since I’ve been plastering them around every square inch of this university. Fully anticipating getting in trouble for that eventually, but in the meantime consider dazzling up your laptop by making the ultimate fashion statement with The Greyhound!

And finally, here’s an honorable mention to the new soda taps at Boulder’s second floor location. The editing board seemed to have mixed responses to this one, so I’m going to introduce a new category I like to call Eh .

Eh to the new soda taps, for having some funky and interesting flavors that are sweetening up my dinner while some of them seem to fall flat with flavors I just don’t seem to get. Arts & Society Editor Stefan Joyce seems to be pretty partial to the orange soda flavor, but to be honest I kind of feel like choosing one at random is like going through a mine field.*note to self: be sure to revisit this when Dining decides to install a tap for Natty Boh instead*


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    justinSep 26, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Got my G NEWS sticker!

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      Nicholas CironeSep 26, 2017 at 4:18 pm

      Thank you Justin! The Greyhound is eternally grateful for your constant and unwavering support!

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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down 9/25/17