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Nevergreens comment on life at Loyola


Last Friday, the Nevergreens, Loyola’s improv comedy group, held its fall show in the Black Box Theater. Although I always wanted to see this show in the past, this was my first opportunity to devote all of my attention to this fabulous endeavor. After all, who doesn’t love a comedy show on a Friday night to start the weekend off right? The performance was a hilarious and dramatic interpretation at life at Loyola, including skits about the school “stereotypes,” the over-the-top going out scene and a mocking of how often we Hounds use the word “literally.” It was extremely accurate to say the least…literally.

One of the attention-grabbing skits was entitled The Writing Center. Hopefully no one from the writing center was in the audience, because they made it seem like the worst experience one can have. Dramatic is an understatement when describing this skit. Students were being whipped or violently attacked on stage by the “writing center employees,” or Grammar Nazis, when using incorrect punctuation.

Trashing Trash TV was a definite favorite skit. While we are all aware of the complete insanity that Honey Boo Boo brings to America, the Nevergreens put a different spin on it. As three students were watching the TLC show, one student remarked that it was a terrible TV show. Although pretty much everyone in America already knows that fact, the Nevergreens decided to pretend that it was the first time anyone has ever made a poor remark about Honey Boo Boo; therefore earning immediate recognition and praise. Actors playing God and Obama immediately showed up on stage to honor the student for his “genius,” (yet obvious) words. God claimed that this boy was the best creature to ever walk the Earth, simply for stating the obvious in saying that Honey Boo Boo was a terrible show to society.

Curphy’s was a clever combination of the going out scene here at Loyola. Combining Craig’s and Murphy’s, the Nevergreens portrayed a typical Friday night, which included getting ready before finally arriving at the bars past midnight. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Nevergreens comedy show without the inappropriate cursing and sexual references.

My personal favorite skit was the one entitled Literally. As this has become one of the most popular words in my vocabulary, I could relate extremely well to this one. The Nevergreens made it clear to us that “literally” has literally become a part of our everyday language here at Loyola, with the setting of two girls talking about how literally impossible their exam was. Like, literally.

I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to have fun—meaning everyone should go at some point. The show was completely sold out, and the audience was in hysterics the entire time.

There were a few students from Johns Hopkins University who starred in two skits titled, Vegetable and Makeout Werewolves. Not only were the students’ skills diverse, coming from both Loyola and Hopkins, but the transition in between each performance was flawless and well planned out. Every time a skit ended, music, the sound of a celebrity’s voice or, unfortunately, the sound of Honey Boo Boo played.

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Nevergreens comment on life at Loyola