Maybe Hollywood Isn’t That Great

When people read books especially books that they love, they feel a sort of connection.  Readers feel like they are part of the book.  When the book comes to a close, not only do the readers not want it to end, but they feel that they could be best friends with the characters.  So, when news is released that a book is in production to become a movie, people within 5 seconds are speculating about which Hollywood A-list celebrity will be playing which character, and how their favorite scenes will be portrayed on the big screen. Most of the time, the readers have a clear image in their heads of how everything looks.  When production begins on these movies, there is a lot of pressure to not let the readers down.  As soon as they are announced these movies have a group of people dying to see the movie, the fans.  Some of the most popular books that have turned into movies in the recent years have been cult classics.  Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games to name a few.  These movies grossed billions of dollars, and were able to because of the loyal fan following and excitement surrounding the movies.  Fans go crazy over the movies, and actors that weren’t well known became some of Hollywood’s most adored and sought after stars simply because they played characters in book adaptations.  Though fans want everything on screen to look like it does in their imagination, directors can only do so much.   There are limitations to film and even with today’s technology, (3D anyone?), some things just won’t be as great on film and blu-ray as they are in the reader’s imagination when they sit in bed at night, fantasize over every detail, and get lost in the words on the page.