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Dress Up, Dress Down

Men, I want you to think, how much of our life do we have control over? Yes, we have options and choices all over the place, but often times those are guided by others for us to choose. Monotonously we pick our classes, we pick our choice of food in Boulder, we try to pick where we will live, it goes on and on. In our areas of life where we do have control, let us try to show we care and demonstrate our capability.

We dress ourselves every day, and it becomes droning. We wake up and put whatever on that will protect us from the oncoming cold that awaits us outside our bed. When the occasion comes when what we wear actually matters, where it can demonstrate that we, as men, can put something together to make us not only look presentable, but impressive, we need to take action!

The lesser occasions are the weekends, when we know we’re going out and we should dress like we care about being in public. We might know some ladies that we care to look good for, so we do the best we can. Depending on the type of occasion, we toss on a collared shirt or t-shirt, some clean pants, a belt, a pair of sweet kicks, grab a jacket and we’re out the door. These are the typical essentials that dominate our style. We’re so accustomed to these casual dress codes that we think we look impressive.

If we want to look impressive and show we have a sense of what we are doing, what we need to do is not blend in, rather separate ourselves from the normal. Now this doesn’t mean we need designer clothes, nor does it mean we should dress like a model. It means we need to be smarter about our wardrobe. It means that style isn’t just clothes; it’s an attitude.

A particular focus of mine is the occasion which calls for formality. I have seen men across campus dressed up for presentations, interviews, job fairs etc… They are dressed formally yes, but they did not use the advantage to impress. Just last week I saw a fellow student dressed well and looking like he knew what he was doing, but then on a second look, I saw he missed one of his belt loops. If we are ‘dressed for success,’ we must show that success is foremost on our list of priorities.

When buying a suit, we see the difference between a three piece and a two piece suit, which is a vest. In my experience when buying a suit, the price is relatively the same, yet it adds so much more to our look. The vest adds a touch of sophistication to our look; it shows that we know what we’re doing and we care thoroughly about our presentation. The three piece suit also offers a variety of options for more casual use. We can play down the outfit by matching the vest up with some jeans, or keep it more formal by not utilizing the jacket, just the vest.

There is so much more to what we can wear than just the average, everyday options. When the occasion arises, we should feel comfortable in what we wear, but also show our cunning and gain respect because of the way we present ourselves. It’s not just the suit we wear, but the way we wear it.


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Dress Up, Dress Down