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The new controversial “Peeple” App spurs criticizing chatter


peeple-appImagine an app that allows you to rate people. For each person, you can give him or her a certain amount of stars on a scale of one to five, as well as write a review of their character. his system sounds pretty degrading and humiliating, doesn’t it? Well, despite scary aspects that surround this idea, there is already an app being created in order to do just this.

Come November, iPhone users around the world will have access to the app Peeple, which has been described as the Yelp for humans. Individuals everywhere will have the power to rate fellow citizens as if they were a restaurant, movie or Amazon product.

The co-founders of Peeple, Julia Corday and Nicole McCullough, describe their app as if “Facebook, LinkedIn and Tinder had a baby.” In an interview with the Washington Post, Corday said, “People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions. Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?”

Here’s how it works: people who have the app gain access to rating anyone they please, even if those individuals don’t have the app on their own phones. Non-members receive a text notification telling them that somebody has created a profile on Peeple for him or her and is trying to rate them. While positive ratings are posted to the app immediately, negative feedback is sent to a private inbox, where it remains for 48 hours. During this time, the person who received the poor rating is able to dispute the review before it’s posted.

ratingAlthough the co-founders believe that this app will help individuals, my personal opinion is that this app won’t prove to be beneficial at all. With the premiere of Peeple, I envision cyber bulling soaring, while self-esteem levels drop drastically. People’s characters (especially celebrities) are already highly critiqued on the Internet, so why present yet another platform that allows a person to be torn apart? Sure, people can receive positive feedback as well, but the vile ones will simply overshadow these kind comments.

Surprisingly enough, McCullough is the mother of two young children. The idea for Peeple came to her when she was thinking about whom (friends, neighbors, babysitters, etc.) she could trust around her kids. It’s ironic that she would create this app as a helpful tool, when it reality, it will spur bullying and hate towards many people, perhaps even her own children.

Until November, we can only wait in angst while McCullough and Corday perfect their controversial app. Only time will tell how Peeple will affect society. Until then, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

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The new controversial “Peeple” App spurs criticizing chatter