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For this year’s Halloween: Squad Up


birthday-present-costume-halloween-ecards-someecardsYes, it is once again the “let’s-drop-money-on-something-I’ll-wear-once-a- season” time. Literally. Because who repeats Halloween costumes? Now, I am that person: on a budget and that budget is a solid $20. PSA: finding a costume that is $20 is quite the challenge. So, I have brought some ideas to my fellow college students who also would like to avoid the “let’s-drop-money-on-something-I’ll-wear-once season.” Some of these ideas you can trick-or-treat solo, others you can take on as a couple. Or, you can take Halloween by the (figuratively-or-maybe-not) horns as a group.


John Travolta and/or Olivia Newton-John it up! Gentlemen? Hair slicked with grease as a true greaser, or hair slicked with (hopefully fake) sweat as a track athlete. Ladies? Long skirts and paisley sweaters or red lipstick and leather pants will do the trick.

Christmas theme

Who doesn’t love a good Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? Why not use that wear-it-annually garment and make it into a wear-it-twice? Did someone say Santa suit?

Birthday theme

Another wear-it-annually that can be made into a wear-it-twice garment! Pull out that sash and crown! Maybe people will think it’s Halloween and your birthday too.

Ballet ensemble

Matching leotards, buns, and tights? Merde!

Toy Story

Is anyone willing to sacrifice one bottom of one boot for “Andy?

Dancing with the Stars

Not unlike the ballet ensemble idea; just trigger your inner Derek or Julianne Hough!

Track & Field A-team

Short distance? Mid? Long? Who cares! Solo or with three other friends and you’ve got yourself the fastest D-I A-team in the nation. You’re going Olympic.

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

Blonde or brunette? Nashville or Hollywood? Disney or …”Wrecking Ball”?

Bay (…Bae?) Watch

Blow a whistle, and slide on some floaties. All in a night’s work.

Silver Linings Playbook

Trash bag, Eagles jersey, white shirt and spandex, anyone?

Spirit animals

Yeah, you could very much look like a zoo. Or you could be a ton of the coolest people you’ve ever wanted to be. Spirit animals that are famous in Hollywood or famous in your life. Mom?


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    ScandoOct 9, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Clever and entertaining.

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For this year’s Halloween: Squad Up