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Wildest Dreams Music Video Review

5lIgWsVIHI_xBefore pressing play, everyone has the typical assumptions of what a Taylor Swift music video is going to be like. But nothing can prepare you for the out-of-body experience you will have during the “Wildest Dreams” music video. You are sad, angry, happy and of course, in love. The video is very well done , but of course filled with Taylor’s signature drama. TSwift fans will be impressed and even those who don’t like her will enjoy this video.

It starts out with a safari background and an extreme close-up of Taylor’s eye. Then, boom, you are hit with a shot of Taylor with black hair…who saw that coming? Apparently, Taylor took her inspiration from her late grandmother Marjorie. And just when you think these past 25 seconds have been exciting enough, Scott Eastwood (drool) is shown leaning up against a safari jeep. Cue girls screaming with joy. Lets just say the line, “He’s so tall and handsome as hell” does not do Scott justice. And to make things even better, they kiss! There is so much kissing— kissing in the safari, kissing in the rain, kissing near a plane, the list goes on and on. Okay, enough fan girling I suppose.Taylor Swift and Scott Eastwood in Wildest Dreams clip

In the middle of the video, there are passionate flashes of images between Taylor and Scott, the wildlife, lightning and the gorgeous scenery. This technique really gets your blood pumping and makes you feel as though you are in a dream state. The music video is set up as a film during the ‘50s. Throughout the video, you see the production, the acting, behind the scenes love and drama between the stars (aka Scott Eastwood calling Taylor Swift crazy in the video, thanks for staying true to you, TSwift), and in the end viewers are taken to the film premier. The name of the film is of course, “Wildest Dreams.” The scenic background is magnificent. There is wildlife such as giraffes, lions and elephants. The landscape consists of desert, waterfalls and in the end, a city skyline. The music video is so impressive you are left wondering if this film is actually going to come out (we can all have wild dreams, too).

music-taylor-swift-wildest-dreams-02It leads you to the climax of the video, which is the fatal end to Taylor and Scott’s love affair. The end of the Taylor and Scott love story feels like being stabbed in the heart. You will want to scream out “no!” when you realize Scott is married. The world will feel as though it is ending. Finally, the video concludes with Taylor tragically, yet beautifully, running out of the theater and Scott chasing after her.

The takeaway is to watch this music video again and again because it only gets better. Taylor is her typical crazy, impressive self and Scott is a gorgeous, charming cheater. It is heartbreaking, yet dreamy. Taylor— you never seem to disappoint.



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Wildest Dreams Music Video Review