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What does your Starbucks drink say about you?

For most of us coffee addicts, we already have a favorite Starbucks drink that we don’t have to think twice about. However, have you ever wondered what your Starbucks drink says about you? If one of the following options is your drink of choice, you may want to pay close attention.

Black coffee or the Red Eye: For those of you who order coffee without milk or sugar, you’re pretty hard core and probably don’t “sugar coat” anything in life. If the name does not intimidate you, the person who drinks this may be a tad scary. You’re straight to the point and most likely order this drink while the sun is just rising after a wild night out, knowing that it will keep you awake all day, or perhaps this drink is ordered in anticipation of an all-night study session.  Either way, this drink does the trick and you are ready to conquer the days (and nights) ahead.

The Frappuccino: For those brave souls who stand in line to order this dessert in a cup, you are simply a free spirit (or maybe just hungry). You do not care how many calories this half cup of whipped cream contains, or how much chocolate drizzle the barista will swirl on top. “I’m going to the gym later anyway,” you yell to your friend across the way to somehow justify yourself to everyone else in line who really couldn’t care less. You simply laugh when the barista incorrectly calls out your name asking if you want whipped cream, as if that’s even a question worth asking. If only it was acceptable to order a cup of Starbucks whipped cream is the real question.

Chai Tea Latte: As ashamed or proud as I should be, this is by far my drink of choice. Although I am a true coffee addict at heart, the Chai Tea Latte just flows off the tongue perfectly, and tastes like heaven. Although a lot of suburban moms can be found with this drink after their hot yoga class, I order my Chai Tea Latte with pride, knowing that it made the Starbucks “Skinny List” at just under 200 calories, and contains a whopping two grams of fat. Is it possible for a drink to be both delicious and healthy? The Chai Tea Latte has confirmed that the answer to that question is yes. Yes indeed. Unfortunately, the calories probably rise after I ask for a whipped cream topping. So maybe the whipped cream defeats the purpose of it being a healthy drink, but at least I made the effort, right?

The “Bone-Dry” Cappuccino: For those of you unfamiliar with this specific drink, congratulations! For those of you, like me who often order it, I apologize. My mom, of all people, got me hooked on this drink that honestly I barely considered a drink. A bone-dry cappuccino consists of an espresso shot and foam all the way to the top of the tall cup (emphasis on foam, not milk). When you order this drink, it does not feel like enough to say “bone- dry” only once.  You will usually hear people saying, “Hi can I please have a bone, bone, bone dry cappuccino?” This infers that a heart attack might occur if one drop of milk is poured into the cup. I have to pretend not to know my mom never mind be related to her when she orders this drink, considering she says “bone- dry” about 26 times. However, this drink gives you the perfect amount of caffeine that you need to last the day, and can be finished in around 3.5 seconds.

These are just a few of the several Starbucks drink combinations that one might order, not even second-guessing themselves. However, perhaps you should take a minute to think about what your Starbucks drink really does say about you, especially if you are waiting on the long Starbucks lines in the mornings.


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What does your Starbucks drink say about you?