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Timeflies talk music, dreams and Craig’s


KELLY COLEMAN: Have you guys heard about the Craig’s bar shutting down at Loyola?

TIMEFLIES: Bull***t, it shut down last night right? My cousin hit me up pretty devastated. I have a cousin who went here and he texted me today: “Really big of you to go play at my school after they lost one of their favorite bars. Be their lighthouse bro, be their lighthouse.”

KC: Are you guys superstitious or do you have pre-concert rituals?

TF: I am superstitious. We have to do the right things, like our handshake, we have a set ritual before we go onstage.

KC: Do you prefer singing covers or your original songs?

TF: I will say I thoroughly [enjoy] doing our original songs way more but there is something fun about hitting an absolute throwback. Actually, tonight, we plan on putting a couple throwbacks in the set because, you know, with everything going on, and then you throw on, Just a Friend, or, I don’t want to give anything away but you do some of that and people go nuts.

KC: How do you choose the songs you’re going to cover?

TF:   What we can find the a capella for. Kinda like Sunday night talking and figuring out what we feel like for that week. It’s usually really spontaneous, one of our favorite ones ever was Taylor…we literally needed a guitar and we bought a Taylor guitar and we were like…Taylor… we should do a Taylor Swift number. So we just have fun with that just like the Mia Khalifa thing we did recently, it was just …we saw an article with the name and started saying the name and the chorus and it was kinda good so…we’re just messing around ya know.

KC: Future goals?

TF: I think we’re having a great time doing what we’re doing so as long as we can keep it up and play a lot of shows, but, uh, I personally would like to record an album in space…

KC: Inspiration behind your debut album, The Scotch Tape?

TF: The drink scotch…it was like a pun because everyone’s making mixed tapes so we made the scotch tape cause it’s like Scotch Tape and mixed tape altogether. However, no, yeah we want to write awesome songs, Grammys, all that.

KC: Do you guys ever fight?

TF: We have disagreements sometimes, when it comes to creatives it’s always, you know, it could go either way. No one’s ever stormed out of the studio.

KC: If you could meet a famous band/singer who would it be?

TF: Meet and collab with Jay Z and work with Quincy Jones or some legendary producer who’s put legendary albums together…I’d like to pick their brain.

KC: Favorite performance venue thus far?

TF: I think we have to say our favorite show is in New York…New York is always a great time, our family and friends are there…I thought Webster Hall was awesome. That said, I feel like playing Japan was something we were not really ready for, and it was awesome. I love New York, but one of my favorite shows was July 4 in Milwaukee. 15,000 people outside and it was unreal.


See photos from the concert:

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Timeflies talk music, dreams and Craig’s