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The Greyhound

    Words of wisdom from a Professor Emeritus


    When I joined the faculty of what was later to be named as the Sellinger School of Business in 1984, I was to contribute to the internationalization of the school and the college through curriculum, student and faculty development activities.

    I had already dedicated my life to the promotion of that goal. Among other things, I taught courses in international business, global strategy and similar courses, and helped establish a major and an International Business student club.

    After retirement from Loyola in 2012, where I was honored with the Professor Emeritus title, I took a short assignment as the Keating Crawford Chair at Seton Hall. Then an opportunity of a lifetime, to wit, an assignment to set up a PhD program in international business administration at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas, the following year. I held the “Radcliffe Killam Distinguished Professor” title there until retirement (again!) in 2013.I now see a burgeoning and much more globally educated and aware student body, and many more student abroad programs and a variety of innovative initiatives meant to further globalize the Loyola community. I am proud to have had a hand in this process, and I wear the “Professor Emeritus at Loyola University Maryland” as a badge of honor.To make another contribution to internationalization, I offer you two presents:1. An article titled “The Evolution on International business Textbooks” (an exhaustive review of textbooks in the filed and thoughts on its future). It was published in the Journal of Teaching in International Business, 25: 322–342, 2014. This is my latest contribution to the field, with help from my PhD students.

    2. I also want to point my former IB students and others interested in money (!) to my online currency collection, and some of the older graduates may indeed find a currency or tow they that themselves contributed to the collection! The link is

    So you see, twice retired and getting older still, I am at it just the same, and who knows, some day I may want my old job back at Loyola.

    (photo by Julia D’Agostino / The Greyhound)

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    Words of wisdom from a Professor Emeritus