Editorial: Ops views are not our views

Today’s edition of the Greyhound featured an Ops piece calling out Amanda Bynes’ social media antics. In the article, the writer bases much of her stance on the fact that she and Bynes share a first name, which devolves the opinion (that Bynes should take a break from social media) into more of a rant, eventually calling Bynes “mentally ill and erratic.”

The stance the writer takes is completely her own. While she does make mention—albeit brief—that Bynes should seek psychiatric attention (“Some might think she is just funny or entertaining, but I do not see it this way. I cannot diagnose her with anything, but I do know that she needs to get help.”) the writer does not base the rest of her piece on any solid foundation. Rather, it falls due to being built on a purely pathological (as in the rhetorical “pathos,” or emotional) appeal embedded in her own dislike for Bynes.

Because of this article, the Greyhound is being accused of “perpetuating mental health stigma.” We appreciate this feedback, but we also ask our readers to remember that the Ops section should be viewed as an open forum where students (and faculty and administration and readers outside of our campus bubble) can express themselves openly. The thoughts and opinions published in the Ops section in no way reflect the stance of the publication or the members of it’s editorial board.

This particular writer chose to write a piece leaning more toward an enraged rant, citing a shared name and a love for Bynes’ older acting endeavors. Another just as easily could have written a strong, research based article on why society is so engrossed in Bynes’ downward spiral. (This actually isn’t a half bad idea, if anyone reading this would like to write it.)

As a staff, we strive to remain an outlet through which our readers can educate and express themselves, and we encourage any and all readers to make their voices heard, whether they agree or disagree with the content that is published. The Greyhound is only as good as you help to make it.

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