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Amanda Bynes’ social media antics are tiring, pathetic


Let’s think back to when Nickelodeon had some of our favorite shows: All That, Ned’s Declassified, Drake & Josh. These are just a few of those childhood shows us ’90s kids grew to love. The best one, in my opinion, was The Amanda Show. Amanda Bynes was my idol. She made me laugh and I always looked forward to watching her show. Thinking back to her crazy antics and weird lines, I should have guessed what her life would turn into.

Looking at her life, she has been on a downward spiral for a while, but around June of last year was when she really started going insane. Her Twitter account has been a major red flag, considering what she writes often makes no sense. Last summer she spent an entire day tweeting things like “Drake is ugly,” and then minutes later stating “Drake is the most gorgeous man ever.” Sorry Amanda, what was that?

If her Twitter wasn’t enough, she then set a fire in her neighbor’s driveway, almost causing her dog to catch fire. That landed her in a psychiatric hospital. As all of this is circling the news, my opinions of Amanda are changing rapidly. We are both named Amanda, and I’ve experienced being called Amanda Bynes as a nickname my entire life. This seems to be funny to people, especially now that Amanda has changed from a talented actress to mentally ill and erratic. I have such a strong hatred for Amanda Bynes that it almost feels like I know her personally. I follow her in the news constantly, always waiting to see what she will do next.

One of the more recent, crazy Amanda episodes is a video of her leaving the airport in Los Angeles right before her most recent hospitalization. Watching this video, I started to think about what could possibly have gone wrong. To be honest, it’s sad. The video captured her responding in detail to all of the questions and statements being thrown at her from the paparazzi. Celebrities generally ignore these comments from cameramen, especially when they are said in a negative way. Amanda decided to basically explain some of the biggest things going on in her life at the time, simply stating that she is getting a restraining order against her dad because he sexually abused her as a child (and then retracted this statement because the “microchip in her brain made her say it.”). Bynes, come on.

Amanda often says she is one of the smartest girls on the face of the earth. I feel a little differently. In one of her famous segments on The Amanda Show, Amanda has a stalker who follows her around and is interested in everything that she does. One of her famous lines is “Amanda please,” and she says it over and over again. People everywhere, my friends and family, strangers, even teachers, think it is hilarious to say this line to me. Every time I hear it, I smile and laugh accordingly. On the inside, I am more annoyed than ever. First of all, it is not original. You did not just come up with the funniest comment ever. My name is Amanda, but I in no way want to be compared to Amanda Bynes. Some might think she is just funny or entertaining, but I do not see it this way. I cannot diagnose her with anything, but I do know that she needs to get help.

I hope that one day, Amanda can go back to being that amazing actress that she once was. For now, I just want her off of Twitter and out of my life.

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Amanda Bynes’ social media antics are tiring, pathetic