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Top 10: Costumes NOT to wear this Halloween

Top 10 Costumes not to wear on Halloween

With the leaves changing colors, and the colder weather finally coming in, it must mean that fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner. Once October hits, everyone starts to come together with friends to think about the best Halloween costumes. Whether they are overdone, offensive, or just silly, these are the ten costumes that just shouldn’t be costumes at all. Here are the Top 10 Halloween costumes that you shouldn’t be putting on, on October 31st.

  1. Cat

Let’s face it, every girl thinks the cutest and sexiest thing to be on Halloween is a cat. I will admit that though it is easy to throw on a short black dress, some cat ears and draw some whiskers with eyeliner, it is unoriginal and you’ll be one of many. Halloween is a time to be creative and stand out.

  1. Banana

A banana suit simply makes you look like an idiot. It isn’t flattering, and it’s probably just hot, sweaty and itchy. Every Halloween you will see a banana.; it’s to the point where it won’t even make you laugh anymore.

  1. Ghost

Unless you are going to do something different then a bed sheet with two eyes cut out, nothing about being a ghost is fun or original. When you step out of your dorm, you’ll just look like the little kid whose parents forgot to make him a costume until the last minute.

  1. Ray Rice

The Ray Rice scandal simply isn’t something you want to display on Halloween. Dressing as Ray Rice will most likely offend every sensible person that comes in contact with you that night. Instead of throwing on the jersey and going out, why don’t you just throw the jersey away?

  1. “Slutty” Anything

When you go into Party City for almost every costume they have, they also have a “slutty” version. Do you want to be a police officer, or a slutty police officer? These costumes are cheap, and probably won’t attract the kind of attention you want. You’re smarter—and funnier— than that.

  1. Ebola

Dressing as a patient with Ebola . is scary and all too real. Though it might be timely for 2014, Ebola is not something you should want to dress as and joke about; it is a serious thing that is affecting people all across the world. Unlike a vampire or a fictional murderer, Ebola is a real killer.

  1. Santa Claus

Think about it: being Santa Claus for Halloween just doesn’t make any sense. Not only are you two months early, but also you have no Halloween spirit. Take holidays in stride, and let them shine in their own time. Plus, spreading them out will make them last longer.

  1. Teen Mom

Dressing as a teen mom is offensive. Teenagers dressing as a teen mom is too close to our actual lives and experiences. This could be seen as mocking and extremely offensive to our peers, who likely wouldn’t consider their lives joke-worthy. Think about it.

  1. A Native American

Dressing as a Native American or any racial group is undoubtedly going to be offensive. , The costumes are stereotypes that inaccurately represent a whole group of people . Not all “Indians” wore feather headdresses, as the pre-packaged costumes would have us believe…

10. Yourself

Dressing as yourself for Halloween is the biggest copout of all. There is no fun or creativity in it. I know that October 31st rolls around quickly for us college students—but I also know that all of us can do better than putting on the same old shirt and jeans and saying “I am myself.” You get to be you the other 364 days of the year—mix it up a little!

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Top 10: Costumes NOT to wear this Halloween