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    Top 10: Reasons to be excited for fall

    As sweet summertime slowly comes to a close, some of us may be very disappointed in having to transition into the fall season. The struggle of having to adopt a fall mindset is difficult. But, it’s crucial to consciously remind ourselves that while we are losing some wonderful things with the introduction of fall (shorts and t-shirt weather, barbeques and a non-existent academic workload), there are also many things to look forward to. To maintain a positive mentality, I’ve highlighted 10 exciting things to anticipate this upcoming autumn.


    1. Everything pumpkin

    It’s hard not to get excited about a season that revolves around pumpkins. Take the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte, for example: this year, Starbucks introduced its signature drink earlier than ever, on August 26 While this seems a little premature in my opinion, the company supposedly received loads of positive feedback for their early release. In addition to this, Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, which means more pumpkin things: soon enough, jack-o-lanterns will be springing up on doorsteps everywhere, and shortly after that, pumpkin pies will be baked in kitchens across the country. What’s not to love about everything pumpkin?


    1. Autumn foliage

    After spending a considerable amount of time in Florida, I have a newfound appreciation for the changing of seasons, especially autumn foliage. Once the leaves really start to turn shades of yellow, red, and orange, it’s going to be hard not to walk through campus without oohing and aahing. Admit it: you know you’re going to post at least one foliage picture on Instagram this upcoming season – and there’s no shame in doing so.


    1. Pillsbury’s printed sugar cookies

    If your childhood was like mine, then you probably remember gobbling up some of Pillsbury’s printed sugar cookies during the fall season. You know – the pre-made circular kind with shapes like pumpkins and ghosts printed on them. If you’ve never tried these cookies, I would suggest going to Giant and picking up a package as soon as possible. I know I will.


    1. Day trips to D.C.

    Yes, technically, you can travel to Washington, D.C. at any point during the year, but fall is one of the best times to do it. As you walk from monument to monument, it won’t be chillingly cold or blistering hot, but rather, a comfortable, crisp temperature. A quick Amtrak ride brings you right into the city for a perfect autumn day trip.


    1. The return of TV

    September and October mean we get the sweet satisfaction of being able to watch our cherished programs once again. “Sons of Anarchy,”whose 7th and final season began on September 9, features a motorcycle club that causes havoc in the town of Charming, California. ABC’s hit show “Scandalreturns for its 4th season and soon enough, we’ll be able to watch Olivia Pope back in action as she solves D.C.’s latest scandals Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. On October 8, actresses Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and many more reunite for “American Horry Story: Freak Show” and this season’s chilling circus theme is sure to give viewers nightmares.


    1. Halloween costumes

    Once fall’s begun, it’s fully acceptable to start planning your Halloween costume. Or, should I say, costumes. Most Greyhounds dress up at least two or three times during the nights that lead up to Halloween, as well as on the 31st , of course. If you and your friends want to sport some creative ensembles, I would start brainstorming now.


    1. Sweater weather

    Although I’m sure most of you will definitely miss being able to throw on a pair of shorts and slip into flip flops before heading to class, won’t it be nice to start breaking out a new wardrobe? I know I’m not the only one who’s excited to be able to wear cozy cardigans, leggings and boots once again. It’s that time of year when it’s okay to start sporting warmer, comfy clothes and I couldn’t be happier.


    1. “Hocus Pocus”

    Here is another reference to my childhood: Disney’s “Hocus Pocus.” This classic Halloween flick, starring a young Sarah Jessica Parker, features three witches who are resurrected in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night. Cue comically horrific chaos all over town. Although this is considered a children’s movie, I have yet to watch it without getting scared and covering my eyes. Who knows? Maybe this year is the year.


    1. Apple picking

    Many Greyhounds don’t automatically think to go apple picking since we live in the city, but there are several orchards you can visit that are relatively close (Baugher Apple Orchard in Westminster, for example.) There are few things in life better than roaming orchards full of fresh apples on a sunny, fall day.


    10.  Closer to the holiday season

    While fall begins to unfold, this means that the holiday season is approaching at a rapid pace. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about fall. But more importantly, I’m a gift, snowman, and hot chocolate enthusiast. When autumn begins, I know this means wintertime is thankfully right around the corner. On to the next one!

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    Top 10: Reasons to be excited for fall